Seeking Slumber: Tips for Falling Asleep in New Places

I think the most challenging part of pet sitting for me is having trouble falling asleep in a new environment. Does anyone have tips for falling asleep?


Bring your own pillow if you have a car? Bring your own regular laundry pod and wash the sheets so they smell like home? Get the temperature right? Try and get sits where the animal doesn’t share the bed if you aren’t keen on that? Those are things that I’d consider!

Oh yeah edit: this page has really useful advice, I love the alphabet technique it talks about


For us, seperate beds are a must, plus a black out eye mask, ear plugs, white noise App and sleepy scent from here

Bed time is a bit of a process!


I’ve been pretty lucky and have had no issue’s. I do bring things from home that remind me of smells. I use aromatherapy also for helping with sleep, but changing environments hasn’t effected me too much for which I’m grateful.

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Ah, I feel you. That was my problem for most of my life - hotels, planes, not a wink ever… that is, until a few years ago. Aging cured my sleep issues in hotels and Airbnbs (not planes though). So, there is hope. :wink:

Today, I try not to stress about it but rather ignore it. If I cannot fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night, I never ever force myself to fall asleep again but simply get up and do things or get involved in something on my laptop in bed. The latter works pretty well, often I am back asleep within 20-30 min - but if not, I no longer mind starting a day earlier


I fall asleep easily pretty much anywhere, but I accidentally discovered this:

More than a decade ago, I got two audiobooks that inadvertently put me straight to sleep. I’ve never been able to get through one chapter in either audiobook, because the narrator voices are sleep-inducing. The audiobooks:

If these don’t put you in a coma, maybe others will, LOL.

I also have friends who work at companies that make apps like this, though I’ve not used them:


I do absolutely nothing and use nothing to help me sleep. If I can’t sleep I’ll read a book. Usually after the first night in a different bed it’s fine


I dab lavender essential oil on my temples, and sometimes a couple of drops on the top that I’m wearing.

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Podcasts and audiobooks.

The audiobooks are particularly good, because I’m often continuing a story that I have started at home, so my brain knows it’s sleep time. (And yes, every night I have to skip back until I find a bit I remember because I fell asleep before the timer stopped!). Many libraries are linked up with a free app, so you can download audiobooks for free.

Podcasts are quite good, as long as you remember to turn off Autoplay! My favourites are various “Sleep” ones, ‘History of the English Language’, and ‘History of Philosophy without any gaps’. I’ve found it’s best if it’s just one person, or two calm people. If I’m really struggling I’ll listen a comedy podcast like ‘No such thing as a fish’ to change my mindset, before listening to something more calm.

I’m also keeping an eye out for small red light travel lamp, so that I can make it ‘evening’ in whatever bedroom I’m in!

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We use a sleep machine for “white noise “. Also OTC Melatonin.


If possible I prefer my own pillow plus a white noise sleep app, I use ShutEye which is good. :zzz:


Sit for very active dogs. Two, five mile walks a day then watering the kitchen garden and pots, running up and down the stairs because you forgot what you went for then playing ball out in the garden because it’s such good weather it’s a shame the dog is in the house.
I fall into bed and am asleep before my head hits the pillow.


After being on the road for five years and caring for so many different pets, I find myself eventually dropping off to sleep only to suddenly wake up looking around trying to figure out where I am. I’m then in a panic trying to see the pets that are “supposed” to be next to me then realise I’m in a different home. Even when I don’t have pets! So confusing!

Now I’m struggling to sleep at all. I read my Kindle, then put on a one hour white noise download and that seems to work. If not I do what @RadarInc does. I get up, do some stuff, and if that doesn’t work I just don’t sleep for 48 hours and am a day ahead of myself :flushed:


Definitely. And calling the pet by the name of the dog on the last sit.


I’m loving the suggestions everyone’s come up with for how to fall asleep in new places!

Mine would be:

Magnesium supplements
Tart cherry supplements
Lavender epsom salt bath
Lavender body lotion and body spray
A little boisterous play time with the cat and his favourite “string on a stick” toy
Listening to an audiobook I’ve already listened to (that way I don’t miss anything I haven’t already heard before)

@CatloverForever we’d love to hear your feedback if you try any of the tips that everyone’s mentioned!


@Jenny oh how I would love to have a Lavender Epsom salt bath. Sounds devine. :woozy_face::drooling_face: But I wouldn’t be able to get out of the bath tub! :laughing:


@ziggy I sometimes think if I had a floatation tank, I’d just stay in there forever!

Lavender epsom salts are my special self care treat (along with the occasional macaron!) and I’ve been known to stand and just inhale the scent straight from the jar of salts, while I wait for the bath to fill!

Sometimes I’ll treat myself to a lavender bath bomb from Eden Water which is a local, sustainable company. The owner is a lovely, generous lady who always seems to sneak a little extra into my order!

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-I bring my own sheets & even pillow now. (I only drive, so it’s doable for me.)

-I also tend to cover up mirrors (according to feng shui, mirrors facing the bed can cause unrest.)

-I keep the temp at around 65 at nite or open windows.

-I also turn down any photos or cover any stuffed animals (they freak me out) or put them in the closet temporarily.

-Upon arrival, I tend to crack windows a bit just to let in fresh air and refresh the room (in my mind, to get the owners energy out and clear it for my sleeping.)

Bedrooms (any room) hold the energies & thought patterns of those who inhabit them, so a nice clear out and refresh before you sleep there is helpful. Even if you have some sage or light incense that you like, that can help set it for you. And then bring your things in to make it feel more like your energetic space, even if it’s only a short stay.

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