Sending texts on WhatsApp

I will need to use WhatsApp to text the HOs. Is there a way to message someone on WhatsApp without giving WA access to ALL of my contacts? Thanks for any ideas.

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Maybe try a Google Voice number. Not sure it will work. Or get a burner phone.

I was curious, so googled: Whatsapp Without Contacts Permission - Techzillo.

If you don’t mind my asking, what is the issue with WhatsApp having your contacts? They don’t reach out to contacts that don’t have WhatsApp. I don’t think there are any announcements or anything that you are on whatsapp. You just suddently have access on WhatsApp to your contacts that have WhatsApp and you’ll appear on your contacts searches if they are trying to contact you through WhatsApp. There are very few scam calls and it’s now upgraded to work pretty well on lap tops. Am I missing some major privacy issue?

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Yes. You can decline when WhatsApp prompts to access your contacts. If you say yes, all your contacts will receive a msg that you are on WhatsApp.
If you decline, You then only manually add who you wish to add.

WhatsApp will prompt you when it’s a new number not in your contacts and ask if you wish to add them. In turn when someone who is not in your contacts adds you, texts you or calls you, WhatsApp will alert you and ask if you wish to add them to your contacts.


It seems to be working now without me giving access to my contacts. Yes, I did not want a message going out to everyone on my contact list.


Glad you got what you needed.

I joined WhatsApp ages ago and don’t remember a msg going to all of my contacts. And I haven’t seen msgs about any of my contacts joining. Is that something new?

I really don’t know…
Maybe someone else here knows that.

WA doesn’t ask me if it can contact my contacts……?

Never had any issues with Whatsapp bothering anyone in my contact list. Whatsapp is one of the most, if not the most, widely used messaging app in the world and is more secure than most other apps as messages are encrypted (we will only use whatsapp to send important information and photos).
We travel internationally and just about everyone outside the US uses Whatsapp.

If you read many of the comments here, you will see that many of us have said we have NEVER had that happen.
We have used Whatsapp for over 10 years and never have messages been sent to people in my contact list unless I am the one initiating it. Never. My entire family uses Whatsapp as well as all our international friends and I’ve never heard of that happening until this thread.

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Hi @Traveler99 in answer to your question, nobody will get a message that you have signed up on WhatsApp.

The only thing to note is if anyone is using WhatsApp and they have your number in their device, then they will then see your name in their WhatsApp contact list if they try to create a new chat.

I hope this helps.

Hubby & I use WhatsApp regularly, it is our preferred messaging platform and it is very secure and as @carpediem16 also mentioned, messages are encrypted.

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Are you actually seeing this happen, or is it something you’re just worried about for some reason? I’ve never seen that happen in maybe 12 or 13 years of using it.

It doesn’t.

I use WhatsApp all the time and never had any issues. You can send photos and voice messages and videos on it too. Ideal for keeping pet owners updated.


I find WhatsApp superior to other message platforms. More secure and private. Works across all devices/platforms. Only requires a data connection.

As others have stated, no broadcast message is sent to your contacts.

I think you might be confused with Telegram as that broadcasts to all whenever new members that are in your contacts join. I left it for exactly that reason :raised_hands:t3: