Senior Dog needs

I’m a sitter and a HO though I have not yet solicited a sitter here.

My dog is roughly 12 ish. I rescued her as an adult. She went through cancer surgery that involved incisions around part of her rec tum. She takes her time emptying out in the morning and needs at least a mile of walking in the morning.

She also needs to have her butt wiped before coming back in the house as she is a border collie mix with longer hair in the back. It’s trimmed but it still catches a little bit of poo on occasion. We keep the wipes by the door and we make a quick stop when we come inside. She’s used to it and doesn’t resist.

Would this be a problem for a sitter if it was disclosed in the listing?

Not a problem. Lots of dogs need such care.


Please disclose it in the listing and confirm that the sitter understands the situation before you confirm the sit. I cant imagine that this would be a problem for most dog sitters but it might be for a few. Personally i wouldn’t have a problem with this.

If I see the details, I would definitely be happy to help! It is a good idea to mention this in the listing, as that will help you find the right sitter.


We’re sitters and it wouldn’t be a problem for us.

If it’s disclosed clearly in the responsibilities, shouldn’t be a problem.

Ultimately, let people vote with their feet…If you find no one is applying for your sits, then you know.

I personally would not have a problem with a mile a day and wiping a BC booty so long as the hair was well trimmed around that area.

If that’s all she required, that would be fairly low maintenance to be honest, imo. X

@bakindoki She is the easiest dog ever. We normally do 3 to 5 miles a day because we’re in the city and she isn’t active inside and we have no yard to speak of. But she needs at least a mile in the AM though when I have time we go 3 in the AM and 2 throughout the rest of the day. She doesn’t bark and I take her everywhere when it’s not too hot.

I hate having to trim the hair. She’s a border collie cross and she’s supposed to have “pants”. But as she has aged it has become necessary.


Off topic but can we see some pictures? :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That face. Her white rear after radiation was finished. Ministering to the seniors at the senior center near our house.


Not a problem for me, you should definitely be honest in your listing. She’d get even more love from me. How lovely that you rescued her and have seen her through, what must have been, expensive surgery. The world needs more people like you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Surgery and 30 days of radiation. About 25,000 USD. Did some fund raising, got some grants, and pulled out my credit card. It was a stage 1 cancer. In a not old at the time dog. She deserved her chance. I did not have pet insurance.


Not a problem for me. I love older doggies and had many of my own.

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It wouldn’t be a problem for me :slight_smile: