Separating listing into two?

I have a current listing in which an applicant can’t do the entire sit. I have another applicant that can do the remainder of the sit. Should I edit the first one to match the applicant’s availability and create a second listing for the remainder days? Or any other suggestion?

@SoniaJ I suggest you first use the magnifying glass and search the words ‘splitting a sit’ and read the posts on this topic. There are certainly some possible downfalls, particularly if one of the sitters falls short on their duties. It’s also an awkward situation for both sitters, if that happens.

To directly answer your question, you should set it up separate sits so that both sitters will get reviews from you, and you will receive a review/feedback from each sitter. There are more complex reasons, but I’ll leave it at that. Ideally you should have someone responsible that you trust to do the handover from one sitter to the other, and have them inspect the home and your pets at the same time.


@SoniaJ split the listing but be aware the system will not allow you to book 2 sitters for the handover day.
One sitter will have to have dates ending a day earlier than the handover day, OR the 2nd sitter starting the day after handover day. Important to make sure both sitters are aware of this to ensure both are there on handover day.


What will you do if there is problems and the two sitters say it was the other sitters fault

What you described doing in your original post is exactly what my host did in one case. They’d invited me unsolicited to do a six-week sit and I told them I wanted a break to go home in the middle if they still wanted me in that case. So I ended up doing bookending sits, with another sitter in between.

Having done that early in my joining THS and doing sits, I wouldn’t do it again, because I wouldn’t want to take responsibility after another sitter.