Have a sitter for for part of my trip, how do i get a sitter for the second part?


New here! I was trying to combine 2 trips, but it looks like I can only get a sitter for the first part of the trip (4 days) and now need a sitter for the second part of the trip (1 day off, then 7 days).

How do I say that part of it is filled?

Do I EDIT the original post? Do I edit it to only include the second part?

Do I DELETE the original post, then make a new one?

Sorry, I don’t see these questions answered anywhere.


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Hello @DeLynn and welcome to the community forum. There are some missing important details in what you’ve provided. Most important is whether you will be returning home in the one day you mention. If so, then I see it as two separate sits. However, you would need to be very clear with both sitters on required arrival and - more importantly - required departure for the first sit.

If you are not returning on that day, you will need to consider how the handover will be managed. There also can be complications when a sit is split in two. I’ll add a link to a post that discusses this point. I suggest you read through that and then consider how you can best handle your required date range(s). Then come back and ask your question, with more details provided, and members will be able to provide suggestions.

Splitting a sit to find someone

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We’ve just done a split sit. We applied for a 6 day sit and during the video call the host said they were actually going to be away a month and that a second family would be taking over from us.
The original plan was the second family would pay them a presit visit to have a full run through but that didn’t happen. In the end we met the new people and did a full handover with them ourselves which the hosts appreciated very much.
We’d met one half of the host couple the night before our sit so it was fine not to meet them at the end- we usually prefer to leave before they return anyway.
The only ‘risk’ we thought of was we don’t know how the new people will leave the home- will they be as diligent and careful as us etc! So we took some pics around the house just before the handover and sent them to the host with our final update- just to cover all bases! Got to think of that hard earned 5* review!
Re- your case- if you’ve already got a sitter for part of the time just adjust your listing with the new dates for the other part. Be sure to explain the situation to both parties if you are expecting them to manage a handover as Its an extra responsibility.


@Lokstar what great ideas you had for the turnover…the pics was an excellent idea so you could never be held accountable in the unlikely event something were to happen. Bravo!