Should UK sits be excluded from "Europe" search results on the web?

Has something changed in the last month or so? I can no longer select EUROPE as the location for a saved search on the website. [It was never possible on the app]. In the past (about a month ago), I was able to select EUROPE. ‘Anywhere’ is too wide a search for me, and I do not want to put in every European country one by one.

[hello moderators - please do not move this question immediately. I already posted it somethere else at the end of another thread but I did not get a reply]

Hi @cat.tails apologies for the delayed response, we have checked with the Product Team and this was part of a test which has now been concluded. We will share any relevant updates when available. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific.

Thanks for the update.

I hope that the team will make it possible for us to do searches by EUROPE again. It was a very good feature and I am disappointed that it was removed (even if temporarily).

I still have a previous saved search for Europe plus particular dates and that still works, but I cannot add new ones now :frowning:

EDIT: Why has my post been moved here? I now see that my post has been merged here (from the thread that I created which has now been closed) but this is not the question that I was asking. I have no problem with the UK being included in Europe as a saved search. I do want the Europe saved search option to come back. How can I get my message across to the Product Team??? @Angela-HeadOfCommunity

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HI @cat.tails there is an ongoing discussion about Europe being included in search on this thread that was one of the reason your comment was moved into this conversation. It has also been forwarded to the Product Team via the internal Product Feedback channel. I see you have also posted in What Features Would You Like to See on THS? - #268 by cat.tails all of which will make sure your point gets in front of the team.


Thank you for forwarding my suggestion to the Product Team via the internal Product Feedback channel. I hope that they will return the search options to how they were a month ago :slight_smile: I guess they might have heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The saved searches were functioning better before they starting doing adjustments with their “tests”.

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The search function/map is not built for borders, whether that means excluding New Jersey from eastern PA searches, or British Columbia from upper PNW searches (which got annoying when the borders were closed).

Pls an option for ‘Europe Mainland’ or Europe w/o UK
It makes searching much better.

I guess it would be CONEU (like CONUS) however the word seems not to exist…yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I so wish I could do an Anywhere search excluding USA & UK, that would make it so easy to find continental Europe sits.