Should UK sits be excluded from "Europe" search results on the web?

Just a bit of fun Colin!

There are too many people in the UK anyway so, be my guest :joy:

Exactly what I would have said @Amparo although not in so many words :wink::joy:

I can have ten saved searches. These include US cities, states, UK cities and a few countries. I tried to combine countries on the map but as @botvot points out, the map feature lumps in other locations that I don’t want. I would like to add additional countries but I have run out of slots.

Searching for specific countries is not as efficient as being able to combine them in one search. THS, please add an advanced search option that will utilize Boolean operators, AND, OR and NOT, so a search can be done with any combination of cities and countries; the NOT operator would enable you to exclude unwanted locations.

This would also work in a pet search, for example: dogs AND cats AND chickens NOT reptiles. I would also like to be able to specify the number of pets, such as not greater than 3 cats or 2 dogs or 10 chickens, etc.

And also in a search for home types combined with pets. For example, an apartment with no more than two cats OR two dogs or one cat AND one dog.

This type of search capability would move THS into another league.


All European countries have their own search option

You can search United Kingdom separately. I personally would search each European country individually, not a blanket ‘Europe’


@Amparo Thanks, I do hope your suggestion is helpful to other and new sitters. We just finished a 1 year European housesitting tour, so of course we had to find work-arounds to this issue. My comment stems from months of doing this. I think it would be a very useful tool to have a European search sans UK, but I’m not invested in the matter anymore…

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Fine, but I want to search all countries on the Continent. Happy to go anywhere in Europe (but not the UK… I live there).


@Cactuscat Easy, just a quick 43-country search if you search each European country separately :laughing: - is it quicker than wading through 2,000 UK sits? Try it and please tell us when you’re done :upside_down_face:

Haha. Yes, exactly… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: this is what one has to do, why I wish there was a better way. Maybe to have a search for a region, eg “Europe” but be able to exclude countries (like the UK)?

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Hi Smiley,
That wasn’t my point. I want to be able to search ‘Europe’ without the UK. I want to sit in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy etc but not the UK so scrolling through all the UK sits that come up when you search Europe is, frankly, annoying. Other housesit websites have a Europe option that doesn’t include the UK.

Cheers Linda


You can use the map function

That doesn’t work easily. See the screenshots in this comment: Should UK sits be excluded from "Europe" search results on the web? - #16 by botvot


The issue, I think is that you should not be able to search Europe without the UK, I can understand that it would make it easier for those that did not want to see the UK sits but that does not alter the fact that, as the UK is in Europe it has to be in a ‘Europe’ search.
If THS started to mess with the regions it would be opening a can of worms for more requests of specific places that specific members do not want to visit.


However, if you just do a general search for a housesit ‘United Kingdom’ comes up as a separate category then ‘Europe’ is separate, suggesting that the UK isn’t part of Europe. So someone at THS is confused!


A new search could be called “Mainland Europe” or “Europe excluding UK”".

I see your point about tailoring searches, but eliminating the UK makes sense because it has such an overwhelming number of sits compared to other countries. There wouldn’t be a high demand for, say, “Europe excl. Italy”


I no longer see a Europe search label

@ExploreDreamDiscover Great spot! I had not noticed (I sit in the USA currently) I will message the product team now and let you know.

Thank you much

@ExploreDreamDiscover the ‘Europe’
search label is no more.