Sit advertisement no animals but looking after an elderly neighbour

There is a sit as for France, with no animal care involved but wants someone to look after an elderly person, doing shopping taking to appts.
Is this within the remit?

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I saw that. It looks new. Maybe it passed THS “vetting” because it is written in French. I didn’t report it because policing THS isnt my job.


I have seen that listing now, there is nothing against the rules.

If you do not want to do it, you just skip it.


As far as I know, it is against the rules since sitters are suppossed to look after pets or houses (when HO don’t have pets), but not people. Maybe someone from THS can clear this up @Jenny @Carla

There is no rule preventing the owners from asking sitters to provide additional non-commercial services:

5.1.12. only use the Services for domestic and private use, and will not use the Services in connection with any business or other organisation or for any commercial purpose whatsoever

and the home is empty as the person does not stay there.


Interesting - I actually did a sit in the UK a few years back and the HO mentioned that the neighbor might ask for some help. She did early on, initially by blocking my car in the driveway when her battery died. I did help out by helping her "use her phone to call another neighbor to jump start her car, then moving her car into her driveway. Fortunately that was about all she asked for as she then quarantined herself for covid. The HO even mentioned it in her review “Tom is a lovely helpful chap, our elderly neighbour was unwell and he helped her out too.”


I’m sure there will be sitters who apply and don’t mind helping out in lieu of pet care if it’s a nice place but hope the owners do their homework on the sitter. You’d expect that there would be much better options than a (likely) untrained and unqualified complete stranger.

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What training program and what qualifying licence would be required for getting groceries?

It’s kind of these folks to help their neighbor. It takes a village, as they say.

That said, anyone who considers this sit should ask key questions about expectations and what kind of shape the neighbor is in.

Personally, I might be OK with this. I did the same sort of stuff as a volunteer for the blind — was paired with an elderly woman and regularly took her for walks and drives, to the bank and supermarket and such. She was otherwise able bodied. I’d describe things to her; read signs and labels and her mail out to her; write checks to pay bills and such. All volunteers had been criminally background checked. I did it till moving to another part of the country.

I wouldn’t be OK with this sort of sit if say the person weren’t able bodied and needed more intensive help. Like I wouldn’t want to handle their medications or do home health aide type work.

My French is not that great but it looks like the neighbor has reduced mobility and the housesit would involve taking the neighbor shopping and to appointments. I probably wouldn’t mind just picking up groceries, but I’d be concerned about taking the person places.

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Of course it’s against the rules. How can a sitter be responsible for an elderly person?! That’s a carer role. We’re not here to care for people but animals, although I’d be happy to help out with picking up prescriptions/groceries if it was a neighbour. What if the elderly person had a fall or became ill?


@Rose These are the THS guidelines on what a sitter’s responsibilities are :

“Sitters are only expected to help maintain their home and care for their pets in their absence in exchange for free accommodation.

Sitters are not expected to complete any tasks that are considered ‘work’.“


I wouldn’t touch that with a barge pole. I take sits to get away from people! :laughing:


I’d stay away from this. TH is a pet-sitting site, not a human-sitting site. What if you got in a car accident when taking her grocery shopping? What if she injured herself while “in your care”? What if something happened to you and you couldn’t check on her for a while? It’s way too much liability.