Sitter left bogus feedback

We have had several sitters and we also pet sit and have had nothing but positive experiences. Until now. We had a sitter that left after one night. She claimed that our house had a horrific smell and that the fridge needed a deep clean and told us she was leaving at noon. SHe did not answer my texted response or my phone calls. Now, one of my cats had peed on the carpet just prior to the sit. I ran her to the vet and she had an infection. I got it treated and told the sitter. The sitter did not say that the kitty peed while in her care but I thought if there was a smell that that could be why. Long story short, I called in our handyman, a vet tech and a paid sitter and I friend to run and check on the kitties because the sitters behavior was suspicious and I had no clue what was going on. All that came to my house said there was no cat urine smell. The vet tech said my kitties were all fine. My (pAID)replacement sitter did not see kitty do anything inappropriate for the duration of the sit. This sit costs me a damn fortune. All for nothing.
The biggest problem now is the sitter left a horrible review saying my home stinks and the cats use my carpet as a litter box, etc, This is just completely untrue. Yes, I can leave her an equally scathing review but she will just lie right back and I am not willing to lower myself to her level and do the same. SHe even wrote poorly of my hometown in her blog. I think she just hated it here and wanted to leave.
I have been contacting THS about this for over a month and nothing has been done.
What can I do?

Hi @catdad1 Welcome to our community forum I’m sorry your first comment is one as a result of this experience. This is a matter for our Membership Services Team I’m going to tag @Therese-MembershipService to look into this further as you say you have already been in touch, Therese will email you when she is back online.

Once again welcome and I do hope you will remain as a member and will have more positive experiences to share with our members.

Angela and the Team

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