Sitter Walkes Out

Hello everyone,
Our sitter ended up walking out an hour before we left for the airport. She challenged everything we were asking her to do- and had discussed in the interview. It became unworkable and she became hostile and argued with me about everything. I was stressed out trying to leave for the airport. She complained about the facilities in the complex- our instructions, which has always been a little fluid around our cat feedings as their habits change - and so much more.

It ended up ugly. She cursed at me calling me the C word- she said she wasn’t staying and we didn’t want her there anymore either. Our wonderful neighbors stepped in for us, but my husband is now going back to the States to take care of them. We were overseas for 3 weeks visiting his family and mine.

I don’t know how to deal with the insurance on this. Who do I contact? Appreciate your help.

Thank you!
Irene & Trevor


@Florida sorry to hear this - it sounds very stressful .

You can E-Mail - when you have the receipts for the alternative care of your pets etc.

I suggest that you first use the 24/7 phone number for urgent support as I believe you have to notify THS within 24 hours of the sit being abandoned to make a claim . The urgent support number is shown on your dashboard . They can tell you what you can claim for and how to submit the evidence needed for your claim .


Whatever the circumstances it’s not acceptable for any member to be abusive - you can raise a member dispute for THS to investigate both sides . TrustedHousesitters' Member Disputes Process |


Related but a bit off topic. If you cancel the sit you will not be able to give this sitter a review.

In this situation I would keep that sit on my dashboard so that I would be able to do a review of this sitter.

There’s really more questions for me to this Op than I care to post about but to me “truth be told in this post” then this sitter needs a review to warn other homeowners in the future and an official complaint to THS support.


@Florida I recall that you have previously had a problem with sitters whose expectations did not align with your expectations- which you discussed on this thread . .Abusing HOA privileges
Unfortunate that this has happened to you again


Are homeowners only allowed to have 1 issue with TH, ever?

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I’m pretty sure the insurance only covers paid alternative care of pets. If the pet care is being handled by neighbors temporarily and then your husband, you won’t be able to claim anything.


Hi @Florida
This is an unfortunate situation. I am not sure if you’ve just been unlucky with your last 2 sitters now (as per your other thread), not screening sitters enough or maybe THS sitters aren’t a good fit for your requirements?


It could be the location. If it would be a party place that attracted students on Spring break, for example.

Or something else in the listing that made it unattractive to other kinds of sitters, like distance workers.

The Sit cancellation plan is limited to up to 30 nights per membership year.

@pietkuip it’s the lady I’m referring to. Not sure what you’re talking about. But no reason to reply.

Thank you - we haven’t deleted the sityet as I wanted to find out how to submit a dispute ticket…

Thank you so much! :blush:

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Ok got it. Thank you- We thought so also. Just need to know how to report this and it looks like we have our answer above.

I’m seeing on your Forum profile that you’re a Basic member so there is no insurance….

@BonnyinBrighton basic here refers to a forum status, not a TrustedHousesitters membership level.

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Aha ok I didn’t know this, thank you.

Problems with more than two sitters, according to the host’s other thread.


@Florida You mentioned the sitter challenged everything you were asking her to do. I’m extremely curious as to what responsibilities could be that contentious for a cat sit. Does your sit have a lot of requirements in addition to caring for the cats?