Sitter was not member of THS

I joined HS because my neighbor introduced me to her HS sitter After I joined, I couldn’t find her sitter’s profile, so my neighbor gave me her number. The sit went well, but she starting calling asking if she could stay at my house for a couple of days between sitting job but she never contributed for her personal expenses. I spoke to my neighbor and the sitter, who was not a Trusted Housesitter, was also doing the same thing to her and her daughter. Obviously, I learned a valuable lesson AWAYS go thru the HS site. I have a new sitter coming this week and very optimistic.


My experience is that most people are trustworthy. It’s important to keep in mind that there are some that are not. Or maybe have different values that do not align with another’s. Like eating your food without reimbursement. OMG!

Glad you are with TH. I am glad to be here, very excited about the possibilities!