Sitter's Business Cards

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I don’t really understand the need for the cards. What information do they hold that by the end of a sit people don’t already have?

Professional sitters implies you make a living through it and therefore require payment or usually charge.


I do not see the word “professional” on the card? We are members of Trusted Housesitters and Home Exchange. We love dogs! We travel a lot! Wherever we go, we seem to chat with people walking their dogs (Owners). They always want our contact information! My husband sends them his phone number, but we are going to get business cards and have them handy. It happens all the time!


These are cute! I might do something similar. I do agree that the word “professional” might read to some that you are seeking payment… and there is, or so I’ve heard, a subset of sitters on THS that then “take things offline” to get paid for repeat sits. So It might send the impression that is what you are after.


I don’t see the word “professional.” Am I missing something?

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You are correct! My mistake, I was just going by the topic title…

I think it is just semantics. The couple looks young and is simply calling their services “professional.” It should not really matter. I am sure that there are many times when a THS experience turns into a future Sitting relationship, either “quid pro quo” or paid.


Precisely. There is a need. Lots of Sitters in the community do them. It’s nothing new. We’ve had HO’s really appreciate the sentiment and contact information.


Hi everyone,

This has been discussed before on the Forum An idea for pet sitters - #3 by Kelownagurl for any member wanting to create their own cards there are printable, creative asset available for your use which you’ll find here …

Your new TrustedHousesitters member logo |

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We’ve also had cards made up which promote us as members of Trusted House Sitters. We’ve also developed our own website to supplement our THS page and we use the THS member logo. We travel and love to have a pet to sit when we reach our destination. We don’t ever intend on charging.


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I have ‘calling cards’ that are business cards with my personal contact info. Being retired, what else are you supposed to use?

I pass them out when I meet new people no matter what the circumstances (sitting, traveling, volunteering…) It’s simply an easy way to share contacts.


They look great, you look like you’re doing work away from THS. Hopefully people pass them on to their friends. I should make some for me… Hmmm, this could be a side hustle.
I leave a card and chocolates or wine/alcohol. If they’re travelling long haul or have children, I’ll leave staples in the fridge, milk, bread, etc. A couple I just sat for, returned from Greece and I had a Greek pie and dolmades for them.

I think it’s a bit over the top leaving a 'business card '. A thank you card is perfect … and sometimes something extra!

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A great idea! No reason you can’t promote professional standards of service, even if no money changes hands. :grinning:

@1m1 Great idea … they are bound to talk to friends, family, acquaintances about their holiday and the wonderful house sitters they had which enabled them to go away with peace of mind . Business cards are a helpful easy way for them to recommend you and pass on contact information.

With UK and EU data laws it’s possible to get into all sorts of legal trouble for giving out someone else’s contact details to a third party without permission. The business cards solve that problem.

We have been thinking of doing this for sometime and seeing yours has spurred me on to stop procrastinating and get this done today !

I am interested in the forums opinion - Do you think we should should use SilverSitters as our “company” name ? Or just have our names and contact details ?

(Sorry to hijack this thread but if I start my own one it will probably get moved to here anyway)

I’m a marketing consultant in my real job :wink:and think Silversitters is perfect as a company name! When I see your tag @Silversitters it always makes me think of two super energetic, silver haired, possible surf dudes, doing as you please, travelling the world house and pet sitting together & giving great advice to the rest of us :raised_hands:t3: People forget names but they won’t forget the Silversitters :star:


Since we a world nomads we always tell our hosts about our travels and adventures. They usually want our information so they can follow us on FB or Instagram in the future. So we always leave them one of our cards. After our sit we always do a post on Instagram about their pet too that they love.

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I think this is brilliant and well done. We leave a small welcome home gift, but adding a business card would be great.

Great idea! I’ve thought of this and keep forgetting - being almost full time sitter. I usually bring treats from the previous place I was in - i.e. Icelandic chocolates for a sit in UK… if I have several sits in the same country and ran out of the goodies, I would bake or make a dish for them.

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Did I post already that I love this idea too? Anyway, it seems to me that people are against it based on the word “business”. In days of yore, people had visiting cards, not business cards. They just bring together all one’s contact info and social presence for those who might be interested.
Take the word “business” out of it and it’s much more THS, I think.

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