sitters in my city

Hello! Can I review the sitters in my city/neighbourhood before I purchase a membership?

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Hi @beachin. Welcome to our community forum! I’m glad you’ve joined us. I’m not sure of the answer to your question, so I submitted it to our membership services team. Unfortunately I’m getting ready to sign off for a few days, so I may not be able to get you a firm answer right away. @Therese do you know?

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Hi @beachin, do be aware that not that many sitters sit in their local city/neighbourhood unless they are new sitters wanting their first reviews or it’s convenient for them. A strong factor for sitters in selecting sits to apply for is to experience new places.


Welcome to the forum @beachin .

Sitters in your city won’t necessarily be looking for local sits. The majority of sitters are looking to travel and experience new places . Currently there isn’t a filter to find a sitter who wants a local sit .

However there are thousands of members so you will likely find a sitter but more than likely they will be from outside of your area . Someone who will take care of your home and pets without charge; in exchange for staying in your home and exploring your city .