Cannot filter area of pet sitters

I have logged on but cannot filter for the area I would like to seek pet sitters from, How can I reinstate that filter as I need to urgently arrange a pet sitter. thanks for help, Anna

Hi @Annalouise,

I am merging your post with a thread that has a lot more details on how to search for a pet sitter. Please feel free to message myself or any of the other moderators if you have more questions.

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Thank you Kellie. Just not sure why suddenly I don’t have the choice to chose the place where the sitters come from. Instead it says there are 10000 choices.

Hello @Annalouise I will DM you and assist further. Please look out for my message :grin:

I also would like to display my listing to sitters in my town only. How can I do that? I privately invited a few but got no response. Now I’d like to open the listing up to the 300+ sitters in my city, but not to the entire universe of sitters. Is that possible?

Hi @maureen, Welcome to the THS community forum we’re happy to have you here. I see that you’re wanting to have sitters in your area apply for you sit. However that’s not how the platform works. Every time any homeowner posts a new sit it goes up on the site and any sitter member can apply. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a local sitter. I suggest that at the very top of your listing you write “We are looking ONLY for sitters local to (enter your city name), please only apply if you are in our area. Thank you!”
Something like that would certainly make it clear to all sitters that are interested what you are looking for in a sitter.

My other recommendation would be to add your THS listing URL onto your forum profile so that other members can offer suggestions (if you’d like them) on your listing as well as other members in your area. I think you’d get some interest if you wrote a separate post introducing yourself to the community, a little about yourself the area you’re in and why you like it and a little about your pet(s).

Here’s a link to help walk you though the steps on how to get your profile link on your forum profile. If you need help feel free to message myself or one of the other forum moderators.