Sitters meetup - Bristol, UK

Just wondered if there might be any other sitters around the Bristol area who would be up for meeting for a coffee at a city centre cafe at some point. Let me know if it interests you.
Feel free to DM me if you´d be interested to share sitting profiles with each other.

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While I can’t meet up in Bristol, I’m sure a few can. It would also be a good idea to open it up to owners too. Good luck!

@Lake we live in Cheltenham but some of us (family of 4) are in Bristol from time to time. My older son is having regular appointments at Bristol Eye Hospital at present so he and I will be in Bristol this Thursday. I have no idea what time we’ll be finished though! My husband has to work in Bristol sometimes too.

@lake, please make sure you post this possible meetup in Travel, Meetups & Events - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum so others who are possibly in the area can all know and you can all get together.

Hi @Debbie, nice to hear from you.
Happy to meet up for a coffee sometime, though I am not too sure if I can do this Thursday myself. If I can, I´ll get back to you.

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Did I not already do that? :thinking:
If not, then I don´t know the process of how to do something like this. I assumed by picking the category it would already be in that area of the Forum.

Hi @Lake it’s great that you are looking to arrange a meetup and you have posted in the right place which is what @Debbie-Moderator meant to say … we’re sorry for any confusion, I’ve made that mistake too.