Sitters not responding

We chose our house sitters back in October. I’ve tried contacting them about our house manual but have not heard back from them. It’s been five days. Our sit begin December 30… Starting to be concerned. Any advice?

How are you trying to communicate with your sitter? 5 days may not be a long time if via THS inbox. You have time yet so I’d give it till next weekend then contact ths support.

You chose them, and they accepted? Did you exchange cell/email, or are you trying to reach them solely via TH messages? You can help everyone here get up to speed if you link to your listing:

I would say 5 days is too long to just sit there. HOs are having trouble finding Christmas sitters, so if this one doesn’t work out, you’ll be walking uphill…

If you don’t have their cell/email, then I would send a note asking them to reply ASAP just so you know they’re still alive. And if they can provide a cell/email for faster communication, great.

If you have their cell/email, then send a note asking them to reply ASAP just so you know they’re still alive. I guess you can add that if you don’t hear from them by date X, you’ll look for another sitter.

If they’re truly responsible but just maybe w/o Internet for the week, then they should be fine with all that, because you can always invite them back to apply and accept them again.

I guess another possibility is if you didn’t word it as asking for a reply. Like maybe you sent a message like, “Here’s our guide! Talk to you later!” Then they may just bench that until the sit is closer. Over-communicate.

I sent email and text asking if they got email.

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Okay, email+text sounds pretty comprehensive. Just to be sure, I’d email+text again and include like:

“Hi ___! We’re worried because we haven’t heard from you in 5+ days. Please let us know ASAP if you get this. Even just a quick text is helpful. If we don’t hear anything by Dec 1, 5 pm PST [if your time is PST], then we’ll sadly have to unconfirm you and look for another sitter.”

Then you’ll have to unconfirm them:

Hope that helps! And curious how it all works out!

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Email / THS messages are the slowest way of communication but if we receive a SMS / WhatsApp message we would usually reply within hours or even minutes. They could be outside reach, though, or their phones could be in airplane mode (meaning they wouldn’t receive SMS). For us messenger apps seem to be the most reliable / quick way of communication (and you can usually see if they saw the message).


For some reason by sitters phone number was blocked. Therefore all is good. Thanks for suggestion which be helpful for future sits.