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Would owners ever consider sitters who travel with their own pets?

@SuffolkSitters this has been asked many times in the past, and yes, there are many sitters who travel with their own pet. It is just something that MUST be discussed with the HO. Some HO profiles state no other pet allowed, so make sure you always read a profile and if that is there, please do not apply unless you plan on leaving your own pet at home. Below is a link to many of the posts about this topic:

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It is possible, but I think it very much depends on your pet and the HO having receptive pets of their own. We always preface our application with the question and are never offended if it is not suitable. We would never apply if a sit expressly stated no sitter’s pets. We only sit dogs as cats generally do not accept a new dog in the house. We are currently on our 28th sit in 18 months with our senior lady, a very placid Bichon/Maltese who tollerates a lot, especially some boisterous young pups! They always settle down and ignore her once they realise her senior age and that she doesn’t always ‘play’ :smile:. Quite a few of our sits are now repeats and we have 13 more sits booked for the rest of this year and next. There are many other sitters that take their pets along. I am always encouraged to apply for sits where I see reviews from sitters that mention having their dog with them.