Sitting on a boat?

I’m fairly new to THS and have been lucky enough to do a few fabulous housesits. I’d really like to boatsit on a narrow boat or Dutch barge and was wondering if anyone knew of any homeowners who require sitters from time to time? I can’t think of a way to search these out and haven’t noticed any coming up.

Everyone wants these ‘special’ sits so the competition is fierce. - It is a case of checking the new listings regularly and getting your application in as quickly as possible. We have just finished a fantastic 3 week sit on a houseboat in Little Venice in central London. We were the first applicant and luckily for us the HO instantly accepted us. When we applied for this we were brand new to THS with no reviews ( although we did have an Airbnb link) so the opportunities are there for everyone!


Hello Colin. Yup, that’s what I want, race you to it next time!

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@MissisE yes I have been interested in that also and there are a few that come up. One outside of Cambridge, one in the Limehouse Basin (very handy for all of London) and I saw one listed for Brighton marina not that long ago. Sorry I dont have the details of these. Just a few ideas: you could do a search for the Netherlands and that mgiht bring something up, also you could look outside of THS to waterway networks and listings at the back of related magazines. If you can get a community link to the Shoreham area (near Brighton) you might be able to tap into a boat owner wanting a break there…its a VERY quirky boat community and you can do a google photo search and you will see what i mean. You could join some FB groups do a keyword search and it brings them up and one comes to mind the Upper Thames group and just put out some feelers. All the best.

Thanks for all the tips, really appreciate that.

There was one once on a boat in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong. I applied but didn’t get it - not seen it for a couple of years.

Thanks Petermac, I was thinking more UK than overseas. I haven’t ventured overseas yet with THS!

There is a recurring housesit on a barge near Dijon, France, if you can venture out to France. No current dates at the moment.
House sit for Rachel in Dijon, France |



Thanks Maryse

@Maryse yes would definately be interested next year

Ooh @Maryse I’m definitely going to favorite this one! It’s not far from where we are based right now in Burgundy :slight_smile: We just spent a weekend in a city a little further east of Dijon, called Besancon, on an Airbnb break… on a house boat and absolutely loved it!


There is a new listing today: “Yacht on San Francisco Bay”!
House sit for Randy in San Rafael, CA, US |