Sleeping in the host’s bedroom…

Doesn’t bother me. I can sleep anywhere, as long as it’s decently comfy. I do like to bring a couple of my own sheet sets and a quilt. I also bring my own towels.

We sit as a family of 3 or 4, so like @IHeartAnimals we inevitably end up using the master bedroom and / or other family member’s bedrooms.

I am a light sleeper, so usually my older son has the room where any pets sleep. Also my husband does not like to sleep in a room with cats, so we did have one sit where my sons had the master bedroom and my husband and I had bunk beds! Otherwise I try to take the room with the firmest bed.

I quite like personal touches and family photos around the house.


No guest bedroom, no sit. I’ve done it twice because it wasn’t obvious until I got there that the HOs did not share a bedroom and I was sleeping in the husband’s room and not a guestroom. I’ve decided like @Snowbird it is going to be one of my principles which going forward is non-negotiable.

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I’d prefer a guest room if its available, but some sits are 1 BR or even studio apartments. So I sleep in the HO’s bedroom. Not a big deal for me!

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I’ve been to various sits where either: there is only a Master (maybe the other bedrooms are offices or for babies), or the owner gives me the option to stay in the master or any bedroom, in which case I often elect the Master because it is typically most spacious and has an attached, larger bathroom/shower area.

So I prefer Master Bedrooms, but I would say the sits I choose are also always in very nice homes, well kept, etc. I’ve also never slept in a Master with doorless closets, so I could see how their items being exposed like that would feel a little strange!!