So so many sits not being filled

@Javadee :
I think I figured out which ad is yours among the ones in WIsconsin. I put it in my favorites’list .
Can’t do it for this Time as it overlaps with another of my sit. .But will check when you post new ones.

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HOs do not routinely tip. We are sitters and HOs. And use of car is rife with
liability issues, so frankly, I’m surprised any HO allows it at all.


No problem to do it here in Québec if you inform your insurance company prior to the arrival of your guest.
They may ask for the informations on driving permit.
The challenge is to discuss about the déductible. Who would pay it if it needed ?


@KenandMary1998 we have been routinely offered the use of a car and have always been added to the HO’s insurance with no problem. We don’t sit in the US, however.

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I dont know what you mean when you say I have chosen not to embed my listing. Greek to me. I am doing everything i can think of… if you explain what you mean by embedding ill do it. Thank you :grinning:

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@Javadee Therese-moderator embedded a link in a post to you earlier. It’s to add a link to your listing on the forum, by embedding it in your forum username/profile.

Perhaps you didn’t realize it was there (post 128). I’ll add the full instructions below. This will allow forum members to review your listing, both to see if they are a fit, but also to provide constructive feedback on the listing’s content.


Thank you so much. No that one got by me… for sure!

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Hi @Javadee I have added the link for you, now other members can view your listing … and meet your two adorable family members


@Javadee I will just give you feedback on your photos, and leave others to comment on the rest.

I would reduce the number of outside photos. Having a general idea of the house - seeing that it’s on one level, has well-kept grounds, and comfortable outside living spaces - is all relevant. As much as you have beautiful flowers and gardens, I would reduce the number of those photos. One or two is sufficient.

You also have many photos of your pets. Having perhaps three of each is sufficient. A sitter is primarily looking for the size and possibly the breed, as some sitters have preferences.

What is missing is a photo of where the sitters will sleep and the bathroom they will use. Sitters will want to know the size of the bed (measurements are best, as size descriptions vary worldwide). As for the bathroom, your photos should show whether there is a bathtub, shower, or both. Again, some sitters have preferences.

Thank you for sharing your listing with us. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile: yes… I’m an outdoors person who loves her flowers…I guess that’s obvious. I didn’t notice that I don’t have bedroom and bathroom pictures. I’ll correct that right away :slight_smile: I think I may have talked about it in the description but it has been a while. Yes I have a tub and 3 showers. Also adjustable queens on the main level and in the lower level and a daybed in the spare room/office area. I’ll get those photos included :slight_smile: thanks for your input…I appreciate it.


@LizBCN I see these post with inaccurate info. How do you flag them? Do you ever flag the ones with very vague info?

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@ExploreDreamDiscover Whilst there is no onus on members to flag inappropriate posts, it is appreciated and you can DM (direct message) any of us on the moderation team and we will pass the details to the listings team. All new sits are checked and have some mandatory requirements concerning photos, but if an owner makes a later adjustment or it’s an old member who adds new dates, things can slip through the net. Thank-you :pray:


@Cuttlefish here is the place .

@Tourmalinequeen I noticed when I was applying for my sits at the start of the process that I wasn’t accepted for the expensive areas with large, high maintenance or what we would refer to as ‘architecturally modern’ homes. I expect those HOs are looking for sitters with a lot of experience and perhaps the perfect profile; photos of themselves with pets from past sits and also shiny, glossy selfies :slight_smile: Maybe there is a discrepancy between the number of sitters desiring very experienced sitters and the sitters available. I wonder if full-time sitters are only looking to stay at long-term sits and are not available for 1-4 week sits. Still, I was actually wondering what happens to those sits that don’t get sitters - do the HO’s cancel their vacation or move to plan b - kennels maybe?

We are nomads but still our usual sit lasts only 10-20 days. If we have gaps or the sit is special we might also go for shorter sits. We know a few HOs who use THS but have a professional sitter or family as a backup. But for some family it would mean a transatlantic flight to come (and of course they would also have to have the time)! For kitties the solution would often be home visits, but some cats would be alone for 3+ weeks except for 1 hour per day. For dog owners it would often mean that they simply can’t go, a lot of HOs don’t want to use kennels for various reasons and they can cost up to 100+ USD / EUR per day and dog.

@Timmy thank you for that explanation :slight_smile:

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a kennel does not cost100 € per day in France, but 15-25€,

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I would lead with the pic of your two dogs that Angela selected above. That would be a total selling point for me. They are so adorable! But I agree with Snowbird, as a sitter, I’d want to see the bedroom and know what size the bed is.

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That’s why I said up to 100+, one of our HOs got a quote of 150+. Not unusual around here for a very large dog, if you can even get a place in a kennel.

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Hi Javadee, I’m a HO not a sitter but putting myself in a sitter’s shoes I think it might help if you added some reassurance that with the help of lots of snuggles, Frances has settled happily with previous sitters so not to be too alarmed if she cries for the first day. Just stating “she will cry for the first day” might make a potential sitter a little anxious. Also feedback I was given previously was to include exactly how long the animals can be left alone for, so a sitter can make an accurate assessment of how much they will be able to get around. Agree with everything Snowbird said about the photos. Your dogs are very cute and the place looks lovely, I hope you get someone soon. We were also struggling to find a sitter earlier this year but got there in the end.