Solo/single Sitters

Hi Solo/single sitters. I’m now 2 years here on THS. Having a wonderful life. Completed so far 30 sits. I’ve become full time.
Would like to be in contact, maybe meet others similar. Life as a ‘nomad’ travelling all the time, it’s challenging to meet others and form friendships/relationships.
I’m a recently retired English Gentleman.

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Hi @WarrenUK - pop your itinerary down and hopefully sitters will make contact with you if they are in your area.


@WarrenUK -I’m also a solo sitter. Have completed 70+ sits since Summer 2019 when I started. Have been fortunate to meet up with other sitters - another solo sitter when we were both in Minnesota, 2 big group meetups in London when I got bring along Flynn, the pup I was sitting (his first train and bus rides, with permission of his pet parent). Met a couple in SF who are almost FT sitters while working in SF. Met up on Vancouver Island with folks I’d met at the London meetups. And met 2 sitters in Melbourne.
Post your location and possible meetup dates!


I’m a solo sitter too. Started full time sitting in January 2019, with a break during lockdowns! Have a look at the meet up gallery: