Someone needs to restart THS

Can someone turn THS off and back on again

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Just tell them to “delete and reload the app” :slight_smile:

Hi @Keldin @pietkuip thank you for advising of this. I just checked and I have the same issue. I have advised Tech and will update you when we have any further information.

Thanks @Keldin will check in with Tech

Hi @Keldin & others tech are aware and currently investigating

@Samox24 @Angela_L

There are ways to automatically monitor the health of your site and app. Relying on your users to notify THS looks amateurish.

Hi @weirdholyman tech were/are aware and currently investigating

So, the entire web site is down (“bad gateway” here too), and the app is basically unusable at the same time.


@Angela_L do you share information when you detect a problem,? Is so, where?

You are going to get a flood of inquiries about this from unhappy users. Wouldn’t it be better to be proactive and post an announcement somewhere?

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Are we going to have to “put a dot at the end of car path” every time we logon now? Please stop the constant changes!

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Hi @Wildcolonialgirl I just replied to this question on the other thread to you.

Hi @Wildcolonialgirl you should be able to log in as normal now … the captcha was temporary.

Oh darn I was going to start a poll to request one with “prove you’re a unicorn” so that it reflects and includes me.


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Hi Wildcolonialgirl.
I found this dot at end of car path ridiculous. How did the car negotiaten all those rectangles? Just looked like a complicated maze. Took me a couple of attempts at first. Guess I am not quite human. :slight_smile: