Tech Thing Happening on Website

Anyone else having to (re) log in to the Website randomly but frequently?
Here’s a very heavily redacted screenshot of what I mean:

I must be logged in to be able to see correspondence in my inbox (one would hope). However, top right of page indicates I’m not. If I click on “find a sit” I get to a page where I’m not logged in, same with the THS logo/landing page. However, if I select my favourites I will be shown them, despite still having the “log in” option at top right.
It seems I’m continually in a state of being half logged in!
(There must be a Schrödinger’s cat joke here but I can’t quite form one)


@saltrams I have actually experienced this very thing lately and just thought it was me. I will send over to tech support

Ooo, three cheers for almost getting a Schrödinger’s cat joke in there!
:trophy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cat2: :star2:
And about a tech issue with a site all about cats (and other animals)!

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I think it more to do with your operating system and app updates that clear cookies or such like that require one to log on again to frequently visited websites. My opinion only!

:thinking: hmm, that’s a reasonable suggestion @prholst. Just as I was going to sleep last night I remembered that I hadn’t included my OS & device in my post (anyone else remember important stuff at bedtime?). I suspect that a recent iOS update caused a lot of trouble with logging in to THS Website too but that was fixed with a subsequent update from Apple.
So, my troubles are manifested using THS Website on an iPad Pro, iOS 16.5.1 but it has been going on for a while prior to this iOS.
I’m trying to use the App a bit more (because the notifications are more up to date) but I’m having trouble with that too. Every time I select a notification on my phone (iPhone 11, same iOS) I get the “invalid email/password” message on the login page. I can never just click through to the notification (which means losing critical time in these 5 application limit times!)

Thanks for your help @prholst @Saltrams this has been passed to the tech team, for further assistance you can also pick this up with Membership Services via the website …