Spain in April

Hi all,

I’m at a loose end until I start a job in France in late April, except for a meetup in Bilbao on 16th. Does anyone want to meet up or can recommend some activity in Spain?

I just finished a sit in Alentejo, Portugal, although I’m staying on for a few days - lovely people and animals, cold and rainy weather until Saturday!

I’m in a van, heading for the beach or maybe some hikes. No real plans but will probably start around Huelva and explore the coast there. Interested in activities, learning opportunities, yoga, sailing, and conversation. Not partying, and am experimenting with starting a new youtube channel.

Here’s me and Jean-Claude the damn van.


Hi @therealchrisgray

If you are near Seville over the Easter period you will be able to experience Semana Santa. You will find that the Semana Santa celebrations are held in most Spanish towns so if you are in Huelva this weekend you might find that there are parades there too.

We completed a wonderful sit last year near a small town called Los Caños de Meca, about 30 minutes South of Cádiz. This is a very hip little windsurfing and kitesurfing town with some beautiful beaches and a vibrant lifestyle and just offshore is where the Battle of Trafalgar took place on October 21st, 1805.

If you get a chance you should really take a look at Ronda, a mountaintop city in the province of Malaga that is set dramatically above a deep gorge.

I see you have a meet up planned for April 16th in Bilbao, perhaps on your journey to France to start your new job, you should really stop for a couple of days at Donostia-San Sebastian which is world renowned for its beautiful cuisine. Be sure to try some Pintxos which are culinary bites ranging from the original slice of bread piled with food to tiny miniature haute cuisine creations. A great restaurant that serves these is Taberna Gandarias which is located at 31 de Agosto Kalea, 23.

For something sweet and particular to this area head to La Viña which is on the same street as Gandarias, at No 3. Here you will find Basque Burnt Cheesecake, which is absolutely delicious with a cup of coffee!

Enjoy your travels and good luck with your new job! :es::slightly_smiling_face:

I loved San Sebastian. We did a pintxos (tapas) walking tour in San Sebastian and it was wonderful. The guide introduced us to the main areas of town, and took us to 4 different tapas bars - ordered the specialty (and wine) of each bar and taught us how/what to order for ourselves. There is also a lovely boardwalk walk and a little cable car that goes to the top of the hill for great views.

And there are mountains in the North of Spain too (never knew!) Parc Nacional de los Picos de Europa. It’s quite nice to spend a few days there - walks, camping, it’s just calm. And the lunch of the day at local cafes are interesting. We were around Avin.

Vigo and Baiona on the far west coast was also a surprise, but it’s really far from most things, so not sure it’s worth the drive, unless you want to see where the Camino ends in Santiago de Compostela - which is also very interesting to see the pilgrims streaming into town from every conceivable direction - the joy on their faces for making it to the end is awesome to see.

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Thanks all for the suggestions. Due to the horrible weather, I ended up on a ferry to Tenerife instead!

I stayed on at my last sit for a week, watching the rain and listening to the wind, and when the forecast was for another week of similar I knew it was time to jump.

So I’m posting this from the beach! And loving it!


I’ll be in Barcelona at the end of the month. The only thing I have planned so far is visitong Sagrada Familia and Women’s Barça football game :soccer:

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