Spending Easter Sunday with a sore face! 😔

Oh no! I’m really sorry to hear that your Easter Sunday took such an unexpected turn! It sounds like quite the ordeal, especially with something as unexpected as a spice rack deciding to make its presence felt. I hope your face isn’t too sore and that those scratches start to heal quickly. Remember to take good care of the wounds to avoid any infection, and maybe treat yourself to some gentle, soothing skin care if you can. It’s definitely not the kind of spice anyone would wish for on a sit! Wishing you a speedy recovery and much smoother, quieter days ahead. Take care! x

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@Chatsetchiens Ouch! I hope it feels much better soon!

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Very sorry that you’re upset and injured, @Chatsetchiens. Don’t know how severe your scars are, but they might not linger permanently. I once wiped out on a bicycle and scraped my cheekbone hard and it eventually healed and there’s no scar. Of course, each injury and healing vary. It might help to go see a doctor if you’ve not already. They might be able to help reassure and/or help avoid potential scarring. Even in the event of scarring, sometimes there are procedures that can be done later to clear it up.

Of course, the host should’ve never hung something so precariously. You might want to put this on record with THS and tell the host, so if you need more care later, they’ll be held responsible. Usually, homeowners have insurance that you can claim if you’ve been injured onsite, especially if the homeowner was negligent.

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That’s incredible your scar healed up completely.

The person I’m sitting for is a tenant so it could well be that the landlord or landlady put this rack up there. Whilst I do think in the UK, we’ve gone a bit health and safety crazy over the top in recent years, this is a very good example of where a bit more thought and consideration was definitely needed.

The weight of metal coming down straight on top of a person’s head has the potential to cause some very serious damage. Anyway, I really appreciate your concern and I’ll keep going with the aloe vera, the castor oil and the Vaseline and hope that I won’t end up with a permanent streaky face!


With scars you can’t really tell whether they’ll heal completely and invisibly for a while, and it’s way too soon to tell after just a couple of days. I’ve had keloid scars (raised thickened shiny skin after healing is complete) eventually disappear. If you’re prone to keloid scars, see a doctor.

I sought medical advice today and apparently, salicylic acid is what I’ll need to give my skin the best chance of it returning to how it was.

The irony is this pet parent has been one of the most considerate, conscientious ones I’ve come across and yet, I got smacked in the face by one of their kitchen items. This PP is a tenant so I suspect this spice rack has been hung up rather amateurishly by whoever owns the property.