Spending Easter Sunday with a sore face! 😔

Right now, I have a really sore face with deep scratches down my left cheek. It looks like I’ve had a cat sink its claws into my face but actually, that wasn’t the cause. A very heavy, iron spice rack fell right off the kitchen wall and onto my face. I look like I’ve been in a fight. I was hoping for a quiet Easter Sunday - not to get slapped about by a spice rack! :laughing: :pensive:


Possibly inappropriate association deleted now.

(sorry, but that was my association today, watched too much Bach yesterday)

No idea what you meant by that. Sorry.

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After my first-ever THS house sitter, I pulled a huge pot down from over my stove and the sharp-edged lid – which I store elsewhere – slid off and came down on my head, leaving a large gash in my scalp. The sitter (who was great, went way out of her way for me when we had a minor emergency) must have used the pot to make pasta and forgotten where she’d gotten the lid from. After that I’ve been a bit more cautious about such things, both as a sitter trying to remember where things are stored and as a HO trying to realize that’s not always easy! :rofl:

Wow, Val. That must’ve really hurt. Sounds very sore to me.

My left cheek copped the worse of it. Couldn’t believe the weight of an iron spice rack. Could’ve knocked me out! Definitely taken the sheen of this sit for sure.


Ouch, that looks painful! And yes, it totally looks like it could have been a cat!

It hurt so bad at the time that I started crying in the kitchen. One of the dogs jumped up on me and started licking my face. I think he was trying to comfort me.

This is my very first day on this sit. Not exactly the best of starts but the pets are sweet at least.


Oh no @Chatsetchiens , so sorry! Apart from the pain, it must have been such a shock! Did all the spices go flying around and did you need to do a clean up too?

On a somewhat unrelated note: we can’t hire campers /RV’s anymore, because my husband bumps his head into every conceivable space. Even inconceivable spaces. It was a nightmare. If he bled everytime he bumped his head in the camper, it would have looked like a bloody crime scene.

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I remember now: one of our sits had a car parked awkwardly, with their tow bar sticking out where we had to pass. On two occasions, my husband nearly broke his shin bone.

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That looks and sounds painful, @Chatsetchiens. I’m sorry that happened to you. Hope you’ll heal quickly and the sit only gets better.

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Les Nessman. Always appeared with a bandaid, usually on his head.

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@Chatsetchiens ouch! Good for you reaching out to the community forum.

If it’s a metal thing like that… is that also a tetanus shot concern???

My mind goes to ghosts.
Tell them your in charge while the family is gone and you’ll have no more of that! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(Hope this made you :smile:)
(I do like ghost stuff though…)


Oh no, how awful for you. If you are concerned about scarring, can I suggest you buy some Bio Oil from the pharmacy ASAP and use that at least twice a day for several weeks on the scratches until the scar fades. The smallest bottle will last you a very long time, for any future “spicey” issues!

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Your poor hubby having to go through all of that!

When I looked at this heavy iron spice rack, it was held on the wall by only a very small nail. Only a matter of time before that was going to fall off and wallop somebody. Interestingly, the spices and the rack itself are all perfectly intact. Can you imagine if I’d got chilli powder in my cuts.

The only thing that got spicy yesterday was my language! :laughing:

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Thanks so much, Maggie.

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Haha! There’d better not be any poltergeists hanging about here! :laughing:

I feel a bit better today. My shoulder’s got a lovely, big purple bruise and I still look like a cat’s beaten me up but hopefully, I won’t end up with scars that look like I’ve got whiskers on my cheek!


Thank you so much for this great suggestion @Crookie. This stuff is brilliant I agree and I’m sure I’ve actually got a bottle of it lurking around at home somewhere. I used some good old Vaseline on it yesterday as the HO has some in the cupboard. That’s also meant to be great for wound healing too according to a lot of dermatologists.

My main concern now is the scarring it could leave on my face. Hopefully, this will speed up the healing process.

Everything else about this house sit is great though and the owner is a real gem of a person.


@Chatsetchiens as it happened on Easter Sunday, you could always tell the tale that it was the Easter bunny that did it whilst you were stopping the dogs from eating your Easter eggs. Sounds a heaps better story than a spice rack? Anything is possible these days on a housesit, even an Easter bunny :rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::laughing:

Oh dear, that looks sore! Sounds like something that would happen to me - I’m such a klutz, always banging into stuff or tripping over something, or something just randomly lands on me. One time I was doing a workaway stay and spilled a huge pot of soup in the fridge all over the entire fridge and floor… I had just made it and it was supposed to be that night’s dinner for the whole family :woman_facepalming:t3: Another time, I was au pairing and sprained my ankle during COVID because I attempted to go for a brief run around the courtyard and somehow rolled my ankle. Also slipped on the steps and bruised my entire backside in that same au pair gig. Oh and I always have random bruises on my legs and I don’t even know how they got there :rofl: I always whack into stuff, especially when cleaning a house before the owners get back… My fiancé just rolls his eyes at me battling with another vacuum cleaner and groaning the whole day long…
Just another day :rofl::rofl:

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I’m actually quite upset right now as much as I’ve been trying to pretend and delude myself that all of this is ok. No way should a heavy iron anything be hanging on a wall kept there by only the smallest of nails. It’s an absolute accident waiting to happen.

I’m actually not a person who is accident prone at all and now I have three prominent scars emerging very visibly right on my face which no amount of Bio oil will ever take away. I’m gonna be stuck with these now. I wouldn’t be as concerned if it was anywhere else on my body but as it’s on my face, it’s really upsetting. Just not the kind of souvenir anybody wants to take away from a house-sit.