Standard/basic amenties for sitters

Hello…new here and 3 mos veteran of THS wondering what most people need and expect to be available for them on a sit. Just had a sit where I did not even have 1 towel to bathe, no potable drinking water, no hot water in kitchen and only appliance was a toaster. Fridge, freezer empty and so was the cupboard where the pantry would be. No blankets, washer door was hanging on the hinge and leaking as well. This was a high end home a block from Venice Beach. Pet parent also didn’t answer my texts for help until late at night or the next day. At the minimum, I expect listed amenities to be there and also potable drinking water, hot water, and a towel to bathe and blanket for warmth. Thank you and appreciate the feedback!


This is WAY out of THS guidelines and I am so sorry for you. I would immediately reach out to THS with this info and let them help you with this. Especially if you are still there! Clearly this needs to be followed up and I am sure they would want to have this info. (


Were you staying in the homeowner’s main residence, or was it a second home or guest quarters? Either way, there should be towels and hot water in the kitchen, plus other basics. I can’t imagine a HO living without these.

Was the tap water not drinkable?

If their listing cited amenities that weren’t there, please say that in the review and drop stars for “ccuracy of listing” and “hospitality”


Yes, in main residence and PP appears to be a minimalist. She never commented about the lack of hot water in the kitchen, but she did say she forgot to leave a bath towel for me and that there was one on the top shelf in the closet in her study! lol

No. Venice and Santa Monica tap water is not safe to drink. I lived in SM for 2 years and researched their water prior to purchasing my own filtration system.

I sent a text to the PP and listed these things but she only responded with “thank you!” so I chose to leave a truthful review.

Such a shame because she has the most amazing dog that everyone should have the chance to love on!

@Irishisis811 We sure hope you left a truthful review. For the sake of any sitter who might consider this “home” in the future!

And honestly, if what you say is true, can you please work with THS so they educate/monitor this homeowner? If you get blown off by a member services rep, go back and insist on speaking to a manager. Don’t give up – think of the future sitters who would never know otherwise.


What is the basis for saying the water is not potable? I spend time in Venice Beach a lot and have never had problems. It meets Federal guidelines. Were you expecting bottled water or a special filter system?

Are you saying there was no fridge, stove, pots, pans dishes etc?

Were you expecting to be provided with food?

Were there pictures and a description of the home in the listing? What were you expecting based on that?

Forgetting to leave a towel out is not a big thing.


Not nice @Irishisis811 ! Towels and blankets are essentials, I would never expect the sitter to bring their own.

But the lack of hot water in the kitchen - you helped me realize I haven’t mentioned it anywhere. It’s super common in Thailand not to have running hot water in the kitchen, so I completely forget that people might expect it. Though we do try and find sitters, who have some experience from Thailand or other similar countries, so this hasn’t been a problem. But something I might want to bring up on the video chat, so thank you!


Hi Shiela,
The answer to your first question is in your third sentence and yes, I was expecting drinking water. I have no one in my life, nor have I for 40+ years, who drink tap water out of the US and some foreign countries.

The answer to the question in your second paragraph can be found in my original post.

No, I was not expecting to be provided food. Merely a comment for reference to the ‘minimalism’ and also for any future sitters who may appreciate that information.

Yes, it was a BIG thing for me not to have a towel to bathe and dry myself off with and it was shocking to learn the only bath towel she had in the entire home was in the corner of the closet in her private study that I was not comfortable rummaging through and certainly had no inkling to go searching for in her private study in the first place.

Deferring back to my original question… What do other sitters expect or are accustomed to having available for them on their sits? Thank you for sharing that you not having a bath towel is not a big deal for you. I respect that but do not concur for myself. :slight_smile:

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Oh! I had no idea about the hot water in Thailand and am grateful to know this for future reference and am also grateful my post also brought awareness to you! Love it when the forum brings positivity!


This all sounds a bit odd, especially for what you describe as a ‘high end home’.

Was there no cooker and hob, kettle, microwave? Was there a photo of the kitchen in the listing? I would expect basic cooking facilities unless the listing made it clear to expect otherwise.

Likewise I would expect bed linen and a towel unless I’d been asked to bring my own. You say there were no ‘blankets’, but was there basic bedding such as sheets, pillowcases and a duvet?

I have done a sit where there was no drinking water available, which involved driving a few miles several times during the sit to fill containers. I knew it was an off-grid sit, but didn’t realise that that description extended to the water supply as well. It added an element of concern/adventure in 37 degree heat, depending on how you look at these things! In a regular home I would expect drinking water, although would bear in mind that ‘drinkable’ tap water to someone who lives in that area isn’t always drinkable for a visitor to the area.

No hot water in the kitchen isn’t really a problem as long as you have a kettle to boil water to wash up with, but from what you’ve said it sounds as though there may not even have been a kettle?

A completely empty fridge, freezer and pantry would be unusual, but as you are expected to provide your own food as a sitter, not really a problem. Am curious as to how this home owner lives and what they eat/drink though!

Had the home owner hosted before? Was it their regular home, as opposed to holiday home/Air BnB/Annexe?

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Sorry I am so confused. Are you speaking about a Venice Beach that is not in California or Florida? There are only certain countries I would question the water quality. I do drink tap anywhere it is safe.

My note about the towel. I meant that it does not seem like a big deal it wasn’t left out. In my current sit towels were not left out for me. I found them in the linen closet. If I could not find them, I would have messaged the host and asked. Things can be forgotten.

Overall this host does not seem concerned with your comfort. I wonder if they really live there.

Minimum standards for me: bed linen and pillow, towel, hot water, reasonably clean and basic cleaning supplies, fridge and either a stove/hotplate and toaster oven or microwave. If travelling in the tropics, I want screens in windows. A comfortable bed. I also like an extra blanket but in winter I travel with a long down coat and have used that for warmth.

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Oh…you mentioned Thailand….a plug for the washbasin helps also. I nearly always travel with one since Thailand.

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It’d be a big thing for me too. I feel I must be OTT for our sitters…:joy:

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According to a very quick google search, the tap water in LA is safe to drink. You should consider switching back. It’s so much cheaper and better for the environment, not to mention tap water gets checked regularly unlike bottled water.

Seriously, I hope that out of all of the things you mention, you move on from this water thing because it’s not a reasonable expectation to have a stack of bottled water because you think LA water tastes bad.


Do you mean that you don’t know anyone who drinks tap water in the US? I live in the US and drink tap water all the time, both at home (Texas) and in other cities and states. Lots of my friends do also. I rarely meet people who won’t drink tap water.

As a homeowner, It has never occured to me to provide bottled water for my sitters. It seems very wasteful, especially the plastic bottles. As a sitter for 3 years, I don’t remember any sit where I was provided with drinking water. You probably should not expect this on your THS sits.


Hi Lassie…I did not say I expected “bottled water”. I expect potable water on my sits and if the pet parent themselves don’t feel their tap water is potable and are also drinking from other water sources, then that seals the deal for me. This PP had her own water bottle for herself so it is my opinion and expectation that if the PP feels the need to NOT drink out of their tap, then neither will I.

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Hi Kitty…I did NOT say I have an “expectation to have a stack of bottled water”. I have an expectation to have safe, potable water available for me on my sits. Every sit I’ve had thus far has provided this not just for me, but they also give the safe, potable water to their animals. Without exception, each PP has had a water filtration system in their homes, so no need for ‘stacks’ of bottled water.

A “very quick google search” does not confirm whether the water in LA is safe to drink. Go to the City Water site and access where they list what all is in LA water. Then go to all the chemicals they add to the water and research all of those and the legal levels and what all the side effects are for those levels, etc. Then, and only then will you have pertinent information to offer truthful and helpful advice. Google also used to and still says Flint, MI water is safe to drink. I don’t advise drinking it. Yes, an extreme example, but perhaps you get my point now.

Hi Shella…Yes, VB Cali. You and I disagree on ‘safe’ water and let’s leave it at that. Again, no towel, no linens, no linen closet…nothing. Just washcloths. I messaged her immediately and didn’t hear back from her until the next day.

Yes, there were linens on the bed but it was low 60’s at night, the house was cold and I needed a blanket.

She had a plate and utensil set and also a pot and pan set, along with a toaster and I eventually found 1 sharp knife. NOTHING ELSE! The only thing in the fridge was an enormous amount of alcohol, a bag of lettuce, a bag of edamame beans, dijon mustard, soy sauce, and her personal water bottle.

See here

This sets the base that the HO doesn’t need to provide anything extra. If you have higher expectation it’s up to you to bring it up before closing the sit and see if the HO agrees.

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