Standard/basic amenties for sitters

I disagree, I would ding at least one star for hospitality. And normally I would be able to find that kind of thing easily, but I would not have searched in a study.

This looks like extreme minimalism, when there are no stacks of fluffy towels in different sizes and warm bedclothes.

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Just because the homeowner had a bottle of water doesn’t mean she thought the tap water was undrinkable. That’s jumping to an unlikely conclusion, especially if it was just one one personal water bottle. If she really thought that the water was unsafe, even a minimalist would have more than one bottle for herself to drink.

I sometimes have bottles of water in the fridge - if I have been at an event where I’ve had to buy water or been given a bottle somewhere and brought it home. It is not because my tap water is undrinkable.


Even there, it is not dangerous to drink it for a sit. I have heard about, that there are residents with elevated levels of lead, which is of course not good especially not for children growing up there. But I would drink it, and use it for coffee and for cooking. I guess that the cafés, restaurants etc in Flint also do that.

The only nasty things are parasites etc.

And then there is water that does not really taste that good (chlorine). That is not in itself dangerous, but may be a sign that the municipality has a problem with reaching health standards.

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Welcome @Irishisis811
When I joined I did assume that bedding would be provided on all sits … however I later found out that it is an option that homeowners can add to their amenities section so if the homeowner didn’t include this as an amenity then they don’t have to provide it .

No, that cannot be the intention of that. I believe that this is yet another silly thing in the THS interface.

Thank you for the heads up. I would love to visit Thailand!! Many people say the hospitality of both that country, Virgin Islands, Vietnam and Mexico are absolutely the best!! Well at least several hundred who look like me. Different strokes for different folks.
Conversely I’ve heard of places I shouldn’t go. However; because of my exposure and education I could probably go anywhere. I understand that’s not the case with everyone.
Anyway this person experienced something no one should experience. Albeit I’d as soon do that sit than my last one. And the home was nice with all the amenities.

Sorry. THS must be backlogged!!! They are allowing any and everything to occur. Report it to the hypertext markup link offered, and do a human chat. Use the upper three dots to send the transcript to your email. During the “human” chat, (tell Frankie the bot you need a human) tell them everything that’s going on. Do it ASAP.

Send your transcripts to
In the comments section write COMPLAINT.

Wishing you a BETTER outcome than I received. Your experience could have been avoided by paying closer attention to the listing. Mine could have been avoided by the same method.

Next time. Just be honest in your review without using slurs and attacking the person. Attack the actions ONLY. People can read and some can analyze. Let them decide if they wish to be that close to a beach under those circumstances.

Stay the best you no matter what’s in the Aether.

Why don’t you make a list of all the “normal” things that were missing on the sit @Irishisis811 and then cross reference it with the amenities on the listing. Highlight the issues and then talk to THS support about what to do. If there are gaps then the HO is misleading sitters. Unfortunately there are some crazy tick :heavy_check_mark: boxes including things like “bring your own bedding” aka towels possibly?? on there which they may have ticked and you missed. Then you have all the info to write a full, factual and balanced review of the experience albeit not a great one. #devilsinthedetails


A big thank you for leaving a truthful review!

“I did not even have 1 towel to bathe, no potable drinking water, no hot water in kitchen and only appliance was a toaster. Fridge, freezer empty and so was the cupboard where the pantry would be. No blankets, washer door was hanging on the hinge and leaking as well.”

Oh for goodness sake, come on everyone! If you were faced with all this when you began a sit, you would all be screaming blue murder! This stuff is all basic necessities, forget the water thing, you are all focusing on water. Look at the other shortcomings and ask yourselves, honestly, would you just grin and say not a problem if you walked into this? I don’t think so! Again, stop focusing on the darn water thing when there are other much more horrid things that the sitter has walked into. Put yourself in the shoes of a sitter who has only been on THS for three months and copped this. I for one would NOT be happy, neither would any of you I bet.


While I sympathize that some details in the OP’s post make us all think that the HO is inhospitable, I cannot help but wonder what the photos of the kitchen in the listing showed when she applied. I also don’t think it’s fair to expect that other people own the same appliances and household items we use/want/are accustomed to, or do things the same way we do. This HO only has a toaster… maybe she doesn’t cook. Is that a fault?
People in most parts of the world would be flabbergasted at the amount of stuff found in most North American homes.

She forgot to put out a towel, but when asked she went ahead and explained where it could be found.

I still don’t understand the comment about the fridge, freezer and pantry being empty… Is that a bad thing? And again, maybe the person doesn’t cook and keeps her own “essentials” in the fridge.

I cannot comment on the drinkable water issue, it’s such a personal decision, with an easy solution — the HO probably drinks the tap water and keeps a water bottle in the fridge so that it is chilled.
I drink my own well water here at home, a potential sitter might question this practice. However bottled water is easily purchasable, if that’s a preference.


@Peonie19 again I reiterate if it were any of us walking into this situation, I can guarantee none of us would be happy about it either. Who goes looking in someone’s study cupboard for a towel and isn’t it just hospitable to leave one out for a sitter. I don’t also consider a toaster being an appliance, it’s a toaster so what do you think they will cook with etc? Cook a steak in the toaster? Steam some vegetables in the toaster? As for the fridge freezer being empty, I’ve never EVER seen an empty fridge at a sit and don’t you think it would be courteous to at least leave some fresh milk or something for a sitter? Or leave something?? No blankets? Are sitters supposed to supply even their own blankets?? And how could they do their washing if it’s broken, I don’t think it would fit in the toaster :person_shrugging: All just courtesy and basic manners so obviously the homeowners don’t believe in such things.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion so I shall leave you with yours, that’s fair.


I would expect towels and drinking water and bed linen .if you have a friend to stay that would be the norm. I’m not taking towels and bed linen on a flight to ho.its basic good manners and kindness. looking after a person who is going to look after your pets and home.i have been mostly lucky ho makes sure I’m comfortable and have enough to get through the first few days on my own.


Well said @ziggy I agree completely!!! I absolutely expect certain basic things to be provided. Bedding & towels is beyond basic courtesy!! A kitchen with cooker, fridge/freezer, kettle & simple condiments- salt/pepper/spices etc absolute basics. Toilet paper, a clean kitchen sponge!!, basic cleaning equipment, a functioning vaccum cleaner!!
What @Irishisis811 experienced is way below any normal form of hospitality especially for a committed sitter who is there to lovingly taking care of the hosts home & pets without payment!! I mean… come on guys! Anyone who things a sitter is not worth these basics does not deserve to have a Trusted Housesitter!!


@Lokstar thank you for your agreeable response also. What you have said is 100% correct and anyone that thinks otherwise is only lying to themselves. Basics, that’s what is required and expected, common courtesy for a responsible and respectful sitter.

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I like your reply because it boils down to the accuracy of the listing vs what we think it’s normal and expected.
For instance, some people don’t own a kettle to boil water in (I myself discovered it when I moved to Canada 28 years ago, before I always boiled water in a small pot). Should I be outraged if I don’t find one in a sit?

We all need to go into a sit with our eyes wide open and lots of adaptability— isn’t this the beauty of traveling after all?


I do agree that the lack of blankets and the broken washer make this HO look inhospitable, however the point I’m trying to make is that what’s considered basic courtesy by a person is not necessarily the same for another.

Isn’t it possible that the HO simply forgot to put out a towel, while she was busy preparing for her departure? If this HO doesn’t cook, why should they even bother owning many appliances?
On THS and in this forum we represent the cultures of potentially dozens of different countries. Are we really expecting that a person in a different hemisphere/country, of a different social status/standard of living will even fathom what we want? Are we really expecting that a person who never drinks milk because it’s not digested by the most part of people in their country go and buy us some? Or they are allergic to flour: should they still provide a loaf of bread?
Is a person from a country where they use a comal to warm up their tortillas supposed to find one in the UK and be very upset if there isn’t one?

The list can go on and on. To me what’s important is to read the listing thoroughly and clarify the details that are important to me specifically before accepting a sit.
I have learned a long time ago not to take anything for granted.


This does sound a very sparse sit but that’s how some people live. I’ve struggled with lack of a spare blanket before. Seems odd to have a lack of cooking facilities but don’t really think a fridge or pantry needs to have much in it. It is really important to check the detail in listings I think though but some can still be a surprise.

Never expected bottled water anywhere and have drank water all over the US (including Santa Monica) and Europe. Only get bottled if the taste doesn’t suit.

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I lived in So Cal for 35 years and I never drank the Tap water. It sounded like a difficult experience and if it were me, I’m not sure I could’ve stayed there.