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We are very careful about which house sits we apply to (after a few bad experiences) - we trust our guts when it comes to reviews (read, grain of salt) but how do you feel about house sits where the review only contains stars and no actual words in the feedback?

We were going to apply to a sit in the UK and they’ve had one sitter who gave the sit a 5 star review but didn’t say anything. Looking at the sitter profile, they’ve done a LOT of sits and generally have a lot to say about each one.

Except for this one.

Is that a red flag for you like it is for me?

I wish we could reach out to the past sitters to really learn about their experiences on specific house sits!

In the UK, there are so many other sits to chose from.

“Damning with 5 stars” - that is also a good method.

Yes, lots of sits everywhere.

It’s almost like a sly nod to “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”?

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This drives me a little nutty because I suck at reading between the lines and find direct communication helps me make a decision.

If someone has a 5 star review but no write up, I always think that the sitter forgot to do it or felt lazy that day.

Leaving 5 stars with no write up seems like a way to reward a HO, not harm.

I would interpret it as a way to avoid a revenge review and/or an angry response.

It is also more visible than a missing review (which is only visible in the app).

These sitters seemed experienced, usually wrote a lot. No, not a reward, I believe.

So many possible explanations including App Glitch , system error, human error - (pressed the send button too quickly ) ?

I’d probably apply for the sit but insist on a video call with HO during which I would ask them about their experience with their previous sitter ?

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I’ve never come across this but, yes, it sounds like a red flag

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You might want to have a conversation with the HO and ask about the 5* Review with no comments.

Did the HO provide Feedback to the Sitter?

If you find the sitters profile on the main site @GoZacGo you can sometimes track them down on Linked In. A sitter just did that to me (& was happy they did!) :+1:t3:

@cuttlefish that’s a great idea!


I don’t think we are even going to apply (for other reasons).

But no, the HO didn’t provide any feedback for the sitter either.