Star ratings

I’ve done two sits, plus one unofficial one for the same HO. Twice I’ve received 5 stars, but for some unknown reason for the last sit, she took off a star in my three best attributes. Cleanliness, organisation and self sufficiency! I left the house immaculate, even cleaning bird poo off her garden furniture and mucking out the hens. I was so hurt. Should I feel like this and would this prevent my obtaining a new sit?

As you know this owner well from sitting for her 3 times, the easiest thing to do is simply ask her, especially where those categories were 5* in your first two sits and you’ve done exactly the same level of cleanliness etc this time.

I’d ask her, put it in a nice way, ie “I noticed you gave me ? for ? Could you let me know how I can improve so I can provide future pet owners bla bla bla”

Her finger may have slipped as happened to another sitter on here. Ask if she meant 4 stars and if not THS can rectify it if she gets in touch

Combined sitter. I will tell you as a HO, please do NOT overreact. This will not prevent future sits. You could ask her what was different about this sit. But don’t overthink. Did she still give you 5 stars overall? HOs won’t be looking that closely. They’ll see she asked you back twice. This won’t affect your getting other sits.

Yes, Smiley, that may have been me.
@Jumpinbean , Membership Services were prompt in changing the star once the HO contacted them

I know exactly how you feel. The same thing happened to me. On reading the forum I think some HOs resent an overly tidy and organised person as it shows them up. My HO was untidy, by her own admission, yet she took a star off on my three best attributes, cleanliness, organisational abilities and self sufficiency. This was after I had cleaned out the henhouse, washed bird poo off her garden furniture and put fresh flowers on the table, apart from all the other things a responsible sitter does. I had done two 5 star sits for her and she did this on the third sit! I asked her if she could let me know how I let her down, but… no reply. I’ve since sat for a lovely lady who went out of her way to make my sit comfortable and praised me to high heaven. Vindicated!!