Strange message from a HomeOwner

I received this today on MSN Messenger.
I replied asking what she meant by more details and confirming that I am a member of Trusted House sitters.
I reminded her that she could contact me via THS and this is preferable. She has a puppy which she wants me to consider looking after but no further details apart from her telephone number.
Her full name is quite unusual so I’m assuming I can search for her in members?
If she’s not a member of THS then I wouldn’t be interested.
‘’Hi L xxxx, I got your details from Dog Housesitters. I believe you are based in Hertfordshire and provide housesitting services. Kindly let me have more details please.
Thanks P xxxxx’’

My guess is she has sourced your contact information from other than THS and is trying to book you without taking out a THS membership.

I don’t know of a way to search her by name. If she used her real name on the forum, then you would think she’d private message you here. On the main website, I don’t know of a way to search a homeowner by name only.

I hope all goes well for you, whatever you decide to do.

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I THINK that a HO can see thumbnails of sitters without being members of THS, just as visitors to the site can see available sits as thumbnails but as soon as you click on one, you are directed to ‘How to Join’ etc.
She could have found me this way. I’m distinctive in that I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and this lady has a Cavapoo (:frowning:). Or, a friend could have given her my name but I’d want to know who this is. I’ve messaged her but no further reply as yet.

Ooohhhh she’s replied. I will call her tomorrow and quiz her then!

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We have received random messages since we have been house sitting asking us to house sit. We usually reply out of curiosity but have never persued any as we have no idea who they are and how they have found us.

Mystery solved. The HO gave me her number and I called her. She is on lots and lots of pet and house sitting groups and forums and whattsapp groups for north London. In the latter, a HO I house sat for last year made reference to me and said I was brilliant (blushing!) and this mystery HO tracked me down and messaged me on MSN Messenger. She IS a THS member but has never posted a sit before nor used the forum. So I guided her through the forum and she found me on THS. She is sending me a PM for a sit at her home. She is a local businesswoman and supplies canapés to my school for special events! At the end of the conversation, she asked me ‘How much do I pay you?’ And I explained that the THS sit is ‘free’. She had no idea.