Essex: Contacting sitters direct and do people read messages

Hi everyone, I have just joined the forum and I have some weekend dates for a dog house sit in the lovely town of Maldon in Essex.

I have messaged a couple of people in the area I thought might fit but wondered whether sitters like being contacted.

Also, do sitters regularly look at their messages.

One of my dates is Friday 25 February to Sunday 27 February so was just checking how quickly I might expect to get interest.

Thanks everyone for sharing x


Hi Marion. Speaking just for myself, I like being contacted — it shows my profile and reviews are working for me and I consider it a compliment. Because I get alerts, I usually respond within a matter of hours, a day at most if I’m busy. Good luck getting someone wonderful!


Yes always read my messages and get back straight away.and love been directly asked to sit.


We also have received requests for sits, and respond directly upon reading. Best of luck in your search!

I am delighted when a home owner reaches out to me! Keep doing what you’re doing :slight_smile:

I read my messages all the time, but I don’t actively go look on the website for new sits unless I’m bored or itching to travel!

Similar to everyone else.
We love to be contacted and take it as a compliment.
We try our best to do the sits especially if it’s last minute and were available.

Also I reply to all messages within a few hours unless I’m in bed!


As a HO I have, in the past, contacted sitters direct. Some respond, some don’t. It might be that those not responding are currently not looking for sits and so don’t visit the site regularly. If they have their alerts turned off they won’t know you have messaged them.

Speaking for myself I have never taken a sit where I have been contacted directly by the owner (with the exception of people I have already sat for contacting me for another sit). I only search for sits posted up as it’s usually to allow me to travel so it would be far outside of where I live. So my recommendation would be to post up what dates you have and filter through whoever replies and contact some directly to top that up.

Hi Marion you are about to get another welcome …

You’ll get great help and advice from our members, please take a moment to explore the forum and website blog where you’ll find even more help. Blog |

There are many owners who have success proactively reaching out to sitters, as you are making them aware of opportunities they might otherwise not consider or discover.

We are a community who helps one another, if you have any questions please just ask …

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Hi @marionj as a sitter I’m very happy to be contacted directly by HOs. I get message alerts and respond same day as long as I’m in the same time zone. My husband and I are experienced sitters in Australia and are coming to the UK in December to do a few months full time house sitting. If you need a sitter then please contact me. My THS profile is on the link to my forum name @Crookie . Regards, Jenny

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I usually get asked at least once a week by homeowners if I can sit for them. I have been able to accept a couple of times, others I have said I would in the future as they have clashed with a sit I have already accepted, and others I have said no to. Whatever my response is, I always respond to them.

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I love being contacted by HOs with invites to sit. Sadly, many times I’ve had to decline as dates overlap with other sits. I always let them know that at the time in case they have any flexibility in their travels. I try to accommodate if I am able but I always honor my current booked sit.

I search for sits by location or dates that I plan to travel so I think it’s a good idea that HOs post their dates as soon as they plan their travels. I have spoken with HOs that have been flooded with sitter applicants because they have posted well in advance of their travels. As a home owner I am sure it is nice to have a choice of sitters.

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Agreed about posting as early as possible. There have been many times I missed a sit I’ve been watching for a long time because it was posted after I’d taken another.
HOs, please post as early as possible. :blush:


@marionj I just updated my profile stating that I’d love to be invited to a sit, so thank you for your question. :heart_eyes: I appreciate all the input from new participants who bring fresh eyes to this!


Hi Marion, we are nearby in Danbury and do keep an eye on local sits, including yours. We don’t mind being contacted at all, being fairly new to the site, we feel quite honoured that we’ve caught someone’s eye, but also understand that others may feel differently. If you list another sit, let us know, if we are free, would be very interested.

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