Struggling to get a sitter

Hi Everyone,
I am located in Norfolk with 2 fantastic, friendly dogs.
I’m still a relative novice to THS, having only had sitters once.
I’m struggling to get a sitter…ideas and top tips urgently needed as i have the need for a sit coming up in March eek!

thank you


If you gave the link to your listing it would be super more helpful for folks to give you input. Just knowing you have 2 lovely dogs isn’t enough for us out here to base tips and hints on outside of “be thorough and detailed in your ad about things sitters would need or want to know”.

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Hi @gillygail, I think I have found your listing - 2 golden retrievers? I see it has the “Low Applications” label on it. If you have a Standard or Premium membership, you should be able to boost your listing so it becomes “New”. If not, I suggest you remove your dates for an hour or so, then re-list and this should also advertise it as “New” as you want to bring it to sitters’ attention whereas at present, it is lost in all the “Low Applications” listings. It is a weekend sit and hopefully you will attract sitters who are happy to stay at home with your dogs, one of which is a cute puppy, for most of the weekend.

HI @gillygail

Please add your link to your forum profile here, then other member will be able to see and give you good advice.

The way to add your listing link is here >>

I have taken the liberty of boosting your listing, so there is a new little button on it now.

Please always remember to reach out to membership services at to help boost your listing at any point.

Holding thumbs you find the right sitter.