Subscription Renewals

Do THS usually send a reminder that annual subs are due ? I had a bit of a shock to learn my annual subscrition and been taken from my bank account and was an unexpected bill. I would still have paid up but would like notice in future so I canbudget it in.


Hi @Petunia - let me tag @Therese-Moderator who will be able to clarify this for you. I think it depends on whether you are set to auto-renewal but she’ll be able to better explain this.

Hi @Petunia … I will email you from membership services re your account.
Kind regards

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I only knew about my renewal because my cc had been changed during this last year…….

I have been a member of Trusted Housesitters for years now, but every year I am disappointed that I am not given any notice of the renewal of my subscription and the price. Even through the pandemic I supported this business, so I think the least the business could do is notify members a week before they are charged for membership renewal.


I have been a member for 6 years now and always get a reminder 1 month before renewal. Check your settings in the main THS site and see if you have asked for no notifications or emails… I renewed my membership last month and got a reminder in late January.


On your dashboard it states when your renewal month is.

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Thank you @Petermac That’s probably the issue - shame no one told me this when I’ve complained in previous years. Also it seems like they type of notification that should not be available to be disabled. Thanks for your help!

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It is an odd one, but to be honest, if it was excluded from the “e-mail updates” you would probably get people complaining that they had received an email after asking to be excluded…

There was a survey of some members a few months ago which I was asked to be part of and happy to be involved with. It was mentioned in the Forum and one member complained that she was never asked to be part of any research group - turned out she has also asked not to be contacted…

Yes mine just went out with no notice either. Tbh though i havent checked my spam box.

I received a very nice email from admin informing me that I have clicked autorenewal which means I do not get prior warning that subscription is due.
I do think, however it would be courteous to have areminder which is what other companies I am with do.

Hi All … I did want to confirm that we do send out email notices for up and coming autorenewals. (a month before) These sometimes do go through to spam/junk.
If you add us to your address book, this often helps to ensure that all our emails come through to your inbox. The email address you would need to use, is visible at the top of any email you receive from us. I hope this helps. Kind regards Therese

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Hello @Petunia and everyone who has contributed on this topic. We referred your constructive feedback to the wider team this week for discussion. We can confirm that as a result the product and communications team are working right now on a revamp and update of the correspondence sent out at renewal time, including additional emails for auto-renewing members. We will let everyone know once this has gone live, on this thread.

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback and this is really how we hope the forum will help us all as it grows. By highlighting the things that matter we hope to see more of these positive changes that benefit all our members. Of course, not everything raised will be possible immediately and not all suggestions will be practical in the great scheme of things, but by bringing people together in this space we are all better informed. Happy weekend, Vanessa and the forum team :slight_smile:

Update - Thank you for everyone’s feedback and suggestions which were shared with the wider team. And thank you especially @Petunia for raising this. I can now confirm that the CRM (Customer Relationship) team have updated the communications and there is now a 30 day and 7 day reminder in place now for members who have auto renew on. Those without auto-renew continue to get notifications as before. Thank you Emily & Liam!


Thank you Team :blush:

I’ve just received an email from THS which says THS is sorry to see me leave and that I have not renewed my membership.
But I know I was on the auto-renew membership and I have just paid for the year upcoming.
I can still access fully the site… at the moment, but I am waiting on several house sit applications.
Should I be worried? Why does this happen?

Hi @LTD so sorry to hear you have received this email. As your membership has been renewed and is still very much active I can only put this down to an error. I will flag with the wider team to make sure it isn’t a larger issue, however rest assured you’ve nothing to worry about on your side.

All the best

Thanks @Lucy-Moderator and @LTD this has been identified as a mailing error which the team are investigating. Anyone who has a current and active membership who may have received the same email please disregard.


Thank you.