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I just got a notification that renewal funds were charged to my credit card. REALLY wish there was even just an email prior to being charged that my renewal date was imminent. Unfortunately, with hordes of deadlines, due dates etc in our lives, I certainly did not know my exact renewal date. Something I feel is easy enough to implement as many, many companies do.


I got an email this week about mine renewing in April. Are you sure it did not end up in your junk folder?


I had a 'your membership renews in 30 days ’ email in February. The email also had instructions as to how to check my renewal amount and date.
So it would already appear that THS has implemented as many, many companies do.


Well, thanks for that but I received no such email.

If you don’t have any sits planned, you can ask them to refund you, but you have to do it within a certain time frame (2 weeks, possibly?).

Hi @StarSit1

Be aware that if you don’t renew your subscription you will lose access to your inbox, and therefore any contact details for sitters/homeowners that may be in messages there – so make a note of them if you will need them, before applying for a refund if that’s what you intend to do.

Hello, @StarSit1 I looked into this with the team and as @MaggieUU mentioned members get sent email reminders. Did it fall into junk or spam?

You can also keep an eye on your renewal date from your dashboard in the ‘Settings’ menu > membership. Here you can manage your autorenewal and check the date and amount of the next payment.

Membership Services can help with refund requests or further information about renewals.


you can turn your auto-renew off at anytime — just head to your [account settings] membership cancel auto renew

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