Suggestion for Home Owners - more details appreciated in listing

@SusanL In fairness to homeowners, I’m sure the idea of providing adequate and relative information works both ways. I’ve read of homeowners receiving applications with insufficient information for them to even decide whether there is a potential fit, even if they also review the sitter’s profile. The outcome may be that the sitter is quickly declined for that reason.

For those sitters who feel they keep getting unfairly declined, take a look at this blog on how to write the perfect application message. Following these tips may just improve your success rate. :sun_with_face:


Thank you!
I am very aware it goes both ways and have read the “how to write the perfect application.” I have a very good success rate in my application of getting sits. I was purely answering the topic of “where have all the sitters gone.” I was only speaking about my personal experiences and why I was leaving and what a few friends have told me. I was not speaking for all sitter or all HO. Just giving my experience in hopes to improve things and bring awareness to some issues so it can be a better experience for all.
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