Suggestions for Brittany, France

Do I understand right : you’re staying in Brittany @ElsieDownie ?
Hope your enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need some informations about where to go and what to visit (what to taste !!)… I’ve been living in Brittany for my whole life and writing touristic and walking guide !
Have a nice stay in my “country” !


Yes, we are near Berne. Today we went to see the standing stones at Carnac and had a lovely walk in the woods with the two dogs W are looking after. It’s a beautiful area we are staying in, lots of forest walks and the coast isn’t too far away either.

Oh lovely : Berné is very well located, in center Brittany and easy to reach south coast of Brittany !
You are very close to Forêt de Pontcalleck : large forest to go walking with dogs (mind the hunting time / zone though as it has started last week) - and searching mushroom !
You can also reach Pontivy, where you will discover Canal de Nantes à Brest et Canal du Blavet : you can walk all along these two rivers.
May I suggest you to visit Guémené-sur-Scorff and taste the local Andouille (if you eat meat ! I let you discover, very special but very breton !).
And don’t forget Le Faouet : great market place (biggest historic halles in Brittany), 2 fantastic chapels to discover (Saint Fiacre and Sainte Barbe) and lovely walk along the Ellé river.

There are quite a lot of appealing listings in Brittany actually !


Thank you for al the suggestions. I’ll check some of them out tonight. It was a good day today and tomorrow’s forecast is also good but then it’s going to be rain for a week so it will be close to home.

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We call it the standing stones of Carnac cake.
Once it’s cooked the apples disappear into the cake mixture and disintegrate leaving just the apple taste.
Apples are so abundant here we are always looking for different ways to cook them, apple crumble tonight. Main course is ratatouille made with tomatoes, onions, peppers and courgettes from the veg patch. Only had to buy aubergine.
Loving Brittany.


And this is my Brittany born doggie vacuum cleaner. Food…crumbs…yum.


@ElsieDownie You’ve just made me regret saying “No thank you” to desert this evening … mind you canned rice pudding wouldn’t have the same temptation :sweat_smile: (kidding)