Dutch couple new to the forum

Hi everybody! :raising_hand_woman: My name is Selma and together with my husband Sebastiaan we are currently pet sitting the sweetest dog and cat in Varages, in the south of France. We love all animals, but we love cats the most (ssst don’t tell your dog! :shushing_face:). We are both remote workers (I am a freelance e-learning designer and Sebastiaan is an online mental health psychologist) and we love to travel, so we hope to do more house- & pet sitting in the future. We have our own car, so we let the sitting take us all over Europe!

I signed up for the forum because after months of using TH only on my phone, I suddenly saw this was available on the computer. I’m really curious to connect with people and see how HO experience TH from their side, so you can expect some messages from me on that topic :slight_smile:

Greetings from a Dutch couple in France!


Hi @selma2202 A very warm welcome to the forum. You will find so much interesting and varied information here and a connection with like type members.
Well done on completing your first sit with such a wonderful review. :star2:

You mention France, where about are you in France? I am sure there are many members who are sitting somewhere in France, @Vanessa-ForumCMgr being one. I am sure you will have great stories to swap.
Best wishes


Thanks! We are currently in Varages :sunny: I’ve edited my original post to include this information.

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Welcome @selma2202. Another part time digital nomad here that loves to ‘borrow’ HO fur babies in some fantastic places.

@richten1 nice to ‘meet’ you! Are you a part time digital nomad in Europe? And what do you do?

Hello @selma2202 and a warm welcome to our pet loving community and your “secret” is safe with us :heart_eyes_cat: :smile_cat:

As @Therese-Moderator mentions we have settled into a very long term pet free sit in Bourgogne, France where we continue to get our pet fixes on shorter sits locally and back in the UK when we visit. It’s a great arrangement we have with our owners who are incredibly generous. If you ever pass up the A6 let us know as we are only 20 minutes from Beaune - always open for tea, coffee, wine and house sit chats :slight_smile:

Where else in Europe have you house sat?

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