Summer Festivals

Thank you @mars … they also had various dog competition categories and our friends dog Monty who is a Camrose Golden Retriever won the award “best dog you would like to take home!” They gave Monty a lovely rosette which he then walked around proudly showing off with many cuddles to boot :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Samox24 what is John doing? :laughing: Did the rain hold off?

Your cake looks amazing but I have one burning question … Did you get your Crystal?

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@Angela_L hahaha I have no idea either! :rofl::rofl: … we had some rain but
fortunately we were under a marquee :grin:

Thank you, John was hoping we might win it back in the raffle :cake::joy:

I got my village events muddled up, this was the summer flower and produce show, (we have too many that’s the problem!), so hopefully we will if we are here for the open gardens show. :clinking_glasses::sweat_smile:

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Unicornfest Farewell Festival
(22 Sept 2023 - 24 Sept 2023)

For a Farewell Festival at Propyard, Bristol. Here, all 60 large unicorns will gather for the final time accompanied by over 40+ foals

Join the colourful arts trail of decorated mythical unicorns with Unicornfest 2023 in celebration of Bristol’s 650th anniversary

Taking place from the beginning of July to early September and each painted by an esteemed West Country artist, the magical trail features sixty supersized unicorns displayed across many iconic Bristol and south west locations, from the Clifton Suspension Bridge to Weston-super-Mare’s Grand Pier. At the end of the trail, the unicorns will be rounded up and displayed at the Unicornfest Farewell Festival from 22-24 September for unicorn fans to say their final farewells before the bedazzling blessing heads off to the charity auction where they will be sold to raise funds for the national charity Leukaemia Care. @Amparo I know you are currently in Australia but you would love this!



Saw them circa 1989 with The Smiths, Deacon Blue, The Christians, Erasure, Roachford & the list goes on. #nostalgia


This reminds me of The Great British Bake Off, which I’m obsessed with. Can’t wait for the new season to air! :yum:

@wendy_chicago hahaha yes I can see why! :sweat_smile:

This year I’ve attended a number of festivals and learned that I can’t pull 3 day music fests like I used to! Part of being middled aged I guess!
Always attend Pitchfork and Riot fest every year, except this year I went to Lollapallooza instead. I saw Red Hot Chilli Peppers for the 5th time, which is always a treat.
I’ve always wanted to see The Smiths and The Cure though.

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