Happy Summer Solstice, Friends! I was new + now I'm found!

Claire + Tarkina here to celebrate Summer opening her petals of warmth and beauty, with blessings pouring to you all for a fulfilling, empowering summer of 2023!
We made it.

Thanks to you we will be at sunrise at Stonehenge; all thanks to this beautiful experiment in wonder of Trusted Housesitters.

Thank you to all who have guided me, all of you!;
I am loving this adventure,
this gift of an opportunity to love, cuddle, clear, clean, shop, walk, sing, play, rest, pack, unpack, to refine my packing skills regularly, and to heal.

It is so fun being a new Trusted Housesitter with 3 experiences now to learn from and cherish.

We are celebrating Summer and all the truly miraculous ways being a
new Trusted Housesitter is enriching our lives:
I’d love to see your list!

My only-dog has friends, new friends, acquaintances on walks, new woods, and new smells all the time!

I was freaking out inside, when on Day One of our 3rd TH Sit, I was told the car, being so generously loaned to me, was manual. Oh, my goodness, I thought: ‘I JUST grew my confidence in driving on a new side of the road and a new side of the car,’ as we just moved in May 2023 from the USA to UK. Let the transition expand.

By Day 7, I am driving freely, safely, slowly, smoothly, confidently and joyfully
in every gear. Singing, “I like to go slow like escargot,” and “Pinch spot, pinch spot, tiny toy cars all meeting at the pinch spot…” Apologies to all who find my going the speed limit taxing. Ha ha.

We get to be part of meaningful things, like Sunrise at Stonehenge: 21 June 2023

From National Geographic; excerpt:

1. Stonehenge, England

“…Every year, upwards of 10,000 revellers descend on Stonehenge for what is the closest thing to a summer solstice festival on British shores. It’s a diverse event: berobed druids observe formal ceremonies amid the stones, while all around them a more secular affair unfolds, with food trucks, boombox music, glowsticks and dancing. The main event is, of course, sunrise, when the first rays of the dawn crest the mighty Heel Stone and illuminate the centre of the stone circle. For many visitors, the most magical part of the experience is the opportunity to touch the stones, which is only allowed for this one day of the year. It’s important to be respectful, though, and remember that the stones hold religious significance for many people…”

Wishing you all very well and happy,
Claire + Lady Tarkina Snowfire, my beloved companion, partner in fun and Assistance Dog, always by my side, and resting on my foot. Oh no, it is Esther, the red fox lab I am caring for in a TH Sit. Esther has taken Tarkina’s place for this moment!
Aww, Lil T is learning to share!


@anon84784007 Thank you for the wonderful reminder of the Summer Solstice. I have visited Stonehenge before but not during the Solstice, I have friends that have and they said it was magical. I hope you and Tarkina enjoy every moment and Glastonbury Tor is another great place to visit if you ever get the chance. :smiling_face:


Thank you, Carla ~ We had a beautiful and magical, as always, time at just the …Stonehenge area, as the stones were visible from the Dual Carriageway, so I let that suffice, as the Park Entry was closed at 10AM and 5:30pm, the two times we rocked up, casually.

I asked a very helpful and friendly POLICE man where there were woods, as I saw a huge wood online, nearby. The entry gate man told me those woods are inaccessible and not for public, and surrounded by military property.

The kind POLICE man said to go to Woodhenge.
Stone Henge is fully exposed, zero cover, no trees, and a strong, military-interfence-energy; I felt called to be near, but not to go to the Stonehenge itself. I was there in 1972, and walked right up to them, so no need now.

I found a beautiful, calm and cool wood at Woodhenge, and it was perfect and relaxing.

I met Karen + Tanya as we were all walking into Woodhenge, and I had just had my own brief Celtic Ceremony and Prayers in that sweet wood at the entry to Woodhenge.

I placed a red apple in the center of my altar-circle, with spokes of branches, sticks, + leaves of sage, peppermint, and lavender, and surrounded this small circle with red and white rose petals.

We had a nice Circle with these 2 new friends in Woodhenge, in bright, full sun, ugh, but a cool breeze picked up and that was excellent.

Military helicopters flew over us, loudly, as I sang my new song, “Her Diamond Mind,” after blessings, a meditation and prayers were sent for us all, and especially for Harry and Meghan and their children and families; for truth to be known, and health, healing and joy to be protected and realized. The military chopper buzzed over us twice, and just as I was singing,
“Above us, a pair of hawks are steady, soaring and sailing, through clear blue, on sunlit wings, circling up high…” :slight_smile:

Last Saturday, yes, we were there on 17 June, before The Glastonbury Festival this week; we went to Glastonbury!;
hiked up to The Tor,
strolled and dipped our toes in the Chalice Well pools,
loved the wild festive energies escalating slowly in the town,
and were amused by all the naked White Well skinny dippers inside a very dark, candlelit cave.

I met Sharon + Joy, 2 cousins at The Glastonbury Tor, and we enjoyed a Pub supper at George + Pilgrims in Glastonbury. That was fun.

The dogs are so well behaved, Esther and Tarkina had a great time the whole day!
I brought a picnic and water for them, so their schedules were on track.
Lots of playing in the parking lot at Stonehenge was the most fun, after the sun was cooled off.

20 June: We also went to Yeovil, + Chard to walk in my 1500’s-ancestral homeland, and Cerne Abbas, because I wanted to see the man on the hill and The Royal Oak pub, built in 1540, oldest one in the UK, I think.
Beauty is everywhere!

Claire + Tarkina and Esther
Cerne Abbas town, random gorgeous Home. (#33, I love this number, 33!)
Top of a hill, driving from Chard and just before entering Cerne Abbas village,
Stonehenge from the dual carriageway;
Woodhenge in Amesbury, near Stonehenge, cute town, gorgeous, brand-newly renovated and opened 12 days ago: George Hotel, Pub and Garden, yes!.
Tarkina, Claire + Esther in Woodhenge special site, in Amesbury, by our wee Circle.:


Hi @anon84784007 thank you for sharing, it sounds like you all had an amazing time. I’m not sure if you will be heading to the Cotswolds at some point. The Porch House, in Stow-on-the-Wold, is another old pub that lays claim to the title of oldest pub in England. Although The Porch House has been renovated in recent years, it claims that parts of the building were once a hospice built by order of Aethelmar, Duke of Cornwall in 947. It’s definitely worth a visit :blush:


Oh, yes, we are sitting in The Cotswolds in August for 3 weeks, and I have a friend who lives near there who has invited me for touring all around, inc. exactly where you mentioned: Stow-on-the-Wold! The Porch House. Excellent idea. Thank you so much. Yes, we are loving this.

Hi @anon84784007 if you need any other suggestions for the Cotswolds just let me know and I can DM you :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh yes, I loved visiting there too :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing and glad that you and Tarkina are getting to explore all of these magical places and make friends along the way :smiling_face: :paw_prints: :sunflower:

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Wow beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing.


@anon84784007 you might like Avebury in Wiltshire. It has a stone circle so large that the village is built inside it. You can walk all around it and right up to the stones. The boys and I did a really enjoyable group story walk there a few years ago, led by a lady who did a different story walk at Stonehenge. She said she felt Stonehenge had a very masculine energy so her story walk there was based on Beowulf. She felt Avebury has a feminine energy so her story was based around a female character. I’ve not been to Stonehenge so can’t compare, but I think Avebury is a really special place.


@Debbie Great recommendation, so interesting about the energy there. I also loved it there and it’s dog friendly.

Here is a photo of my heart dog Fudge visiting the stones several years ago. It was getting to sunset and absolutely beautiful and I loved the little village there as well. I hope @anon84784007 gets to visit!


I love this light, yes, I must go here. Amazing. Thanks so much!


Thank you, Debbie for these suggestions, very helpful!

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