Summer is almost here, temps on the rise & cars become ovens!

We are all excited about the aspect of warmer weather approaching, but today I came face to face with a realization that once again, education about leaving pets in hot cars, needs to be reiterated and basically pounded into the heads (and wallets) of those who think it is okay to leave a pet in a hot car while they do you shopping in an air conditioned store.

I had a meeting this morning and had to run into a store to grab a few things to take to the meeting. It was already getting warm (it was 80 degrees F when I went inside). When I came out, there was a car parked next to me with two windows down no further than two inches. Inside was a hot, panting very large dog who was looking distraught. I had to take a double take as I just find it so hard to imagine people think this is acceptable. I was panicked as to what to do and immediately grabbed my phone to contact the local police. As I was dialing the number, a gentleman on the other side of my car was getting into his car and didn’t see me but did notice the same thing I did. He was jumping out of his car when I rolled my window down and told him I was on the phone with the police at that very time. He wanted to break the window but I assured him the dispatcher was telling me there was an officer on the way.

I had to leave for my meeting but this Good Samaritan told me he would not leave the dog’s site until the police showed up. He had a bottle of water in his car and was giving the dog sips through the window. All I could think was what if the owner stayed inside the store for another hour or so (it was already 85 degrees F when I was on the phone). This was a strip mall with many stores, including a Big Box Store, an Office Supply Store, Post Office and many restaurants.

I am not sure what other countries do, but here is the US, the police have the right to break a window out and also they ticket and fine the owner for such reckless behavior.

What laws does your Country have regarding this type of abuse (and yes, it is abuse to treat an animal this way)? I would love to know and hope it is as harsh there as it is here.

This is an article put out by the Humane Society of the United States:

What to do if you see a dog in a parked car | The Humane Society of the United States

I will never allow this to happen and never be able to walk away if I see this again. Our pets are way too precious and so full of love…we just can’t do this to them!


Hi @Debbie-Moderator thank you for sharing this it never ceases to amaze me that with all the Public Service Messages shouting about not leaving dogs or any living being in cars during hot weather that there are still those who believe it’s OK “I’ll only be gone a minute”

If I see anyone walking away from a car and leaving an animal inside I will approach, with caution but I will not walk away … It is not only totally irresponsible to leave an animal in a parked and potentially hot car, in many places it is illegal.


In the UK police have the right to break a window in such circumstances

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Thank you @Debbie-Moderator for taking action and for sharing your story. :hugs:

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