System keeps throwing me out to a main page

Yesterday and today when I go to check my bookmarked-open saved search I encounter a 404 denial at a url like
When I click my saved-search bookmark again I’m thrown out to a general page and have to go through several steps to get to where I started. Is something wrong or are repairs going on or are saved searches now definitely useless? Before this I was able to use mine by leaving the page open and constantly refreshing it. Today all filters are lost over and over. @Ben-ProductManager or @Angela-HeadOfCommunity ?

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Hello @Lauraa

Thank you for flagging this, there are no reported issues with the saved search that I am aware of, but what I will do is pass this on to the Membership Services team and they can work for the tech team and look into this for you.

You can also reach them at

Please look out for their email.

In the meantime have you tried deleting your bookmark and adding the filters etc again and then saving it again as a new bookmark?

I had a message from support and replied to them, but the problem doesn’t go away. The bookmarks I make and re-make are not stable. They disappear from my tabs on their own and/or they throw me out to a 404 so I constantly have to start over with a new saved search to be refreshed as often as I remember. @Carla-Moderator @Ben-ProductManager

Hi @Lauraa I’m sorry you are still having issues, both Carla and Ben are off line. As before, we are unaware of any reported issues and will need to send this back to Membership Services so they can connect with the tech team again.

If you have not gone back to Membership Services please do so as this is not something we can resolve on the forum same email as before

I will pass this back to the team.