Talking to owners

Is it possible to chat to owners that you are thinking of applying too. Simply to ask questions to see if it is actually suitable. Eg is a car available etc. this will save applying and writing a whole application to find out it’s not a good fit?

What you should do is send them a message to ask those questions in the same way you would normally apply, by doing that you will at least have locked yourself into the first five applications should you decide the sit is for you.

If you decide the sit is not for you, simply withdraw your application to give someone else a chance


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We frequently have questions for the HO before wishing to apply formally- e g to request pics of bedroom/bathroom if not shown, to ask bed size, if we can walk the dogs directly from the door?, arrival/departure timings.etc All important info to factor in when applying for back to back sits.
Since the only way to ask a Q is to press Apply I usually add a comment that the host may like to check out our profile and reviews to see if they’d welcome a proper application from us should all the answers work for us!
Quite frequently the HO come back to us with all the answers plus an invitation to Sit (having presumably looked at our profile) which then saves the effort of a proper long application! And we skip straight to the Qs and video call stage!


This is exactly what I do, even if I am not available for the particular dates on the current listing. I apply and immediately state in my mssg that I am not available for their dates but wish to introduce myself for future needs. In my message, I introduce myself as I normally would. Then I or they withdraw the application but now we are still able to speak to each other.
It works the same when a HO sends an invite. If I am not available, I still message them, stating how much I appreciate the invite and say that a future date could be possible if it truly is of interest. I have never had anyone not respond in a favorable manner.
It is just something that works for me.
Any person that has ever had a conversation with another via the inbox on the site has the ability to speak to that person. As long as they are still active on the site they remain in your contacts.


Is there a way to message homeowners about a sit without actually applying for the sit? Or is it ok to click on “apply” just so I can be taken to their messaging board? TIA

You have to click apply and then ask your question.

If you are interested in applying for the sit but need questions answered before you decide, that is the regular process. Clicking apply only shows that you have an interest, it’s not a commitment.

If you have no intention of applying for this particular sit but just want to ask some questions, be sure to state that up front so the home owner can take you out of the 5 applicants. Some home owners will be fine with this, but some might be annoyed, it’s hard to say.

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Thank you!