TH commercials

I have been seeing TH commercials on the AARP website…I love them! So cute and original!


That’s a great place to advertise. It’s how I found out about THS.


I had to look that up and, to save other non-Americans doing the same, it stands for ‘The American Association of Retired Persons’

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Are they geared toward HO or sitters? It would seem ideal if they were geared toward sitters, but the fact that THS shows the sitter’s age on the profile page will be a turnoff to many Americans as you can’t ask age for either employment or housing in the US, and age discrimination is rampant. Once they discover they can also be “filtered out” for age on the app by HO’s that will be another turnoff. AARP members tend to be not only ACTIVE but politically active and might vet a company before joining it.

Sorry, I should have remembered that this is an international site!

Don’t sweat it . I see acronyms all the time I have to look up or don’t “as an American” on the forums.

Not sure I agree with @Marion to a huge extent. Employment, housing, etc is a bit different than THS and AARP members may feel their age, experience and maturity are selling points…

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I’m an American. I’m an AARP member. I’m super-uncomfortable about age being a filter for sitters – which it is on the app, in addition to its being listed on sitter profiles. Not only because of potential age discrimination – in either direction, not only because the system itself just puts everyone 64 years old and older in a 64+ category like there would be no difference between a 90 year old sitter and 64 year old one, but also because it creeps me out that someone could literally use the filter to target younger sitters. It just seems like a very bad idea all around. And again, this isn’t even about a pet parent deciding what’s right for their household and their pets. They can do that by actually reading the profiles, reading the reviews, and meeting with sitters to chat online. Actually, putting a thumb on the scale by having the filter is really gross IMO. And if I saw an ad in the AARP targetting older active people as sitters and then found out about the age filter, I’d be more likely to sign up with the service that didn’t have the age filter.

Also many AARP may FEEL that age, experience, and wisdom are selling points, but may also have been forced to retire or faced age discrimination, so participating in a site that actively fosters it, is going to be hardsell.


I just did a search on the app and there are 12 filter fields and none are age…just curious…can you add a screen shot of the age filter.

I’m done with the agism talking point. We don’t agree on that topic for THS purpose and AARP age range.

I don’t know what filters HOs see, but I know as a sitter my age shows on my profile which seems inappropriate to me.

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If you click sort and filter, the above page appears. There is a drop down that is very specific so if you like you can pick within narrow age ranges.

The age also appears on sitter profiles.

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Yes I see our ages on our profile.
I don’t agree with it being inappropriate.

What I don’t agree with is the imbalance THS has between criteria in listings vs. profiles.

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Also, in the interests of further information since sitters who don’t have a pet parent profile can’t see how the sausage gets made, this is how you can fine tune for maximum age.

Interesting…when I click on “sort and filter” upon getting a search result…I don’t see what you see.

Am I missing something?

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I have no idea. I’m using an android phone. I sent you a screen shot of what I see from the HO side if I search for a sitter. I think you just displayed from the sitter’s side. Please note I previously said that this was what homeowners see. I have a combined membership. What I see in “search for a sit” vs “search for a sitter” are completely different.

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@Carla is it accurate that HO’s would see different screens/options within the platform? See @Marion and my screens shots for sort and filter, please.

It seems your screenshot is from searching a sit, @HelloOutThere . @Marion 's screenshot is from searching a sitter. The age filter is only available for serching a sitter.


Got it. Thanks!
@Carla no need for follow up. Tx.