That’s the Worst Thing I’ve Ever Tasted 🤢

Inspired by @Samox24’s brilliant cake post read it here, I present the opposite; what is the worst thing you have tasted on your travels?

I’ll begin with mastic ice cream in Istanbul and gentian flavoured anything in Italy.

Cold herring with curry sauce in Copenhagen. Vile!!!

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For me it was the Durian fruit in China. As soon as it went down my throat, my gag reflex sent it back up again…couldn’t get it to go down!

Crikey @Els id struggle with that too. One has to ask, just “why?”

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Ah @botvot, the stinky durian. The trick is to not inhale before or during eating. It’s actually bearable that way. Why would anything that isn’t a stagnant drain choose to smell just like one though?

@Saltrams More importantly, why would anyone choose to eat something that smells like a stagnant drain??

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Good point & well argued @botvot :joy:

Natto, a Japanese delicacy, is pretty horrible but it’s so healthful, if you can get past the mucousy sensation.

Roasted Guinea pig in Peru.

Mastic is an acquired taste, I like it. I haven’t had any of these others and now know I never will. Lol

I liken mastic to a combination of pine disinfectant and chewing gum, @Cristy. That’s a combo for which I will never acquire a taste :woozy_face:.

Now that’s an horrendous prospect @Ksquared; was it actually the taste or the foreknowledge? Dangerously akin to a certain Korean delicacy, which I swear I could never countenance being anywhere near.

@mars: Mucous? That’s a word that should never need to be applied to food :face_vomiting:

My hubby John had raw diced jellyfish in Hong Kong and he said it was like eating cold, gritty, salty gelatine. He doesn’t recommend it :sweat_smile:

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@Samox24 uuurgh! I’ve seen jellyfish on menus in China & it’s on my mental list of “just couldn’t ever touch it” things. What possessed your husband to give it a go?

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@Saltrams He was out drinking with his co-pilots and they thought it might be fun to try some local cuisine and they all chose something for each other and unfortunately he got stuck with the jellyfish! :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

We lived in China for a year which was fabulous except for some of the food experiences… I’ll try most things but couldn’t manage “chicken feet” or “chicken gristle skewers” :face_vomiting:

Chicken feet were more expensive in supermarkets than chicken meat and frequently found floating on top of what was actually a very delicious soup! But it put me off completely :smile:


@Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr We both avoid the chicken feet whilst in the supermarkets in the Far East :sweat_smile:

Ah yes @Samox24 & @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr, chicken feet; so meaty and delicious :neutral_face:. Reminds me of another dish I’d have to pass on; “Steppers” in Barbados, a chicken foot and cucumber salad.

Both for sure. It came served on a platter that looked like they had just fried it whole.