The advice I’d give my younger self - what’s yours?

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Hello everyone!

I recently read ‘Letter to my younger self’ and it made me reflect on my housesitting journey. Although it’s not specifically about housesitting, it got me thinking about how much I’ve learned since starting as a sitter in 2016 and more recently from joining the forum!

We have just finished sit number 23, still figuring things out, but looking back, here’s what I’d tell my younger self:

  • Don’t stress about rejections or no replies. Great sits will come.
  • Look beyond the cute pets and nice houses. Consider if the daily routine suits you.
  • Remember, the video stage is as much for us as it is for the owner. Don’t rush into saying yes.
  • Enjoy the little moments amidst all the planning and logistics.
  • Pack what you need for comfort; owners care more about their pets’ well-being than what you bring to a sit.
  • It’s okay to redefine what works for you and turn down opportunities that don’t align.
  • Don’t be afraid to feel a little sad leaving a pet; it shows how much you care.

Over to you! Whether you’re a sitter or a pet parent, what advice would you give your younger self at the start of your house-sitting journey?

I’m looking forward to learning from you all!



Brush your teeth!
Forget about boys and do your homework.
Hug your mother every single day.
Keep a journal so you remember it all.


I should have read your entire message before replying lol. I didn’t notice the reference to house sitting. :star_struck::heart_eyes_cat:


@Rhonda feel free to reply about general younger self advice too! It doesn’t have to be housesitting based. Most life advice applies to the housesitting life style as well or is just helpful to discuss and share :heart:


Don’t sweat the small stuff


Join THS and start house sitting earlier……oh and cuddle your wife before going to sleep each night.


@botvot I love this and will add it to my life list!

@Oztravels Awww this is so nice. What a great reminder :heart: