The best laugh

2 dogs 2 cats one cat is missing.
We searched high and low.

Back door, Front door both locked.
Other half in a panic(are the windows all closed).
We have spent an hour chasing them all up and down a corridor.
The culpert was the eldest cat .
Didn’t know he could open doors after we checked each room
So funny.

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As @Southernsitter says it’s only funny after you’ve found them.

Similar thing happened to me, a very sad senior cat had been taken in by the owner just a week before I arrived, she said “Don’t worry if you don’t see her” which broke my heart.

She was in the house … somewhere. Her food went, litter tray used but I couldn’t find her, kept looking under the owners bed without luck (I was looking from the side and there were storage drawers underneath) … she couldn’t be under, then I looked from the end, there was a tunnel in the middle and there she was, just saw these huge eyes.

Pieces of chicken and three renditions of “What’s New Pussycat” had her crawling on her belly … a couple of days, more chicken, more singing and we became the best of friends …

She probably just wanted the singing to stop!! :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:


We our just sat down Angela we couldn’t stop laughing.
Once we knew windows and doors were safe.

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Funny? I am too anxious to find it funny. Once for my first sit (with another organisation) I had to look after 4 cats one of them vanished a few days, another was vomiting but which one? I couldn’t say
I called the owner on holidays in Cappadocce (turkey) to let her know. She was furious, “disturbed” with my anxiety
she knew one cat could vanish, but she had not warned me. She had no vet . “You want to see a vet because one is vomiting ?”. Owners are all different …(sitters too…)

Rather someone would ring me.

It is only funny after you find them. On my first housesit, I could not find one of the cats and I was going out to meet a friend for dinner. He was on top of the freezer in the laundry room. I now ask about common hiding places and if they are “escape risks” in my walkthru with the owner.


We laughed so much getting him out of the bedroom.
They aren’t allowed in the rooms.
It was like a British sit com
Still laugh thinking about it :rofl: