The Importance of Having a Plan B

There’s a lot of talk on this forum about the importance of having a Plan B and, unfortunately, the need for one became even more clear to me this week.

Plan A was for my husband and me to arrive in London from Switzerland on November 13. Our sit was due to start on the evening of November 16. This gave us a large cushion of time in case of flight delays and to take the obligatory Covid test two days after our arrival in the UK. Everything was going according to plan until we took our tests on November 15. I tested negative but my husband tested positive. As we’re both fully vaccinated, he thankfully wasn’t experiencing any symptoms — but — according to UK regulations, he had to self-isolate immediately.

With a sinking heart, I wrote an email to the HOs to explain the situation and offered them a couple of different options, including me doing the sit on my own until my husband tested negative. I also sent a private message to @Angela-CommunityManager to ask her advice and to know the likelihood of the HOs finding a last-minute sitter via THS. Both the HO and Angela were extremely understanding and helpful. It made me realize how many things go on behind the scenes at THS to provide support to their members. Angela really went above and beyond in helping me navigate this stressful situation. Thank you, Angela. You’re a star! :star2:

The Plan B that we developed was for my husband to quarantine at my daughter’s apartment in London. Wearing a mask and taking all of the necessary precautions, I arrived at the sit on my own. I had a lovely evening with the HOs before they left the next morning for their trip. Another twist to the plot is that the PCR test that my husband was required to take came back negative on November 18. But since the lateral flow tests are still positive, he’s staying at our daughter’s until they’re also negative. Fortunately, our daughter is out of the country at the moment so he has a place to stay.

We’re very fortunate that everything fell into place, but it’s hard not to think of all the “What Ifs”. What if I would have also tested positive? What if my husband couldn’t have stayed at our daughter’s flat?

It was an awful feeling to think that I might not have been able to fulfill my duties as a sitter – yet as the lovely HO said when I told her the situation, “Things happen”.

By posting this, I don’t want to discourage anyone from traveling or inviting a sitter from abroad. Rather, I hope it encourages HOs and Sitters to ask themselves, “What’s my Plan B?”.


Spending two weeks with Leo is the happy ending to the above story. He’s a joy!


It’s always important to have a fallback plan and, most importantly, an emergency fund to tap into, if needed. When covid hit the groups were flooded with stranded sitters who just had all of their current and upcoming sits cancelled. More than one person was stranded in a location without funds to support themselves if they weren’t sitting and no easy way to get elsewhere as things were shutting down. I’m sure it was a scary situation for many who were trying to scramble to figure out the best and safest plan. I was just starting a sit when it hit. Thankfully it was a repeat sit for someone who had become a friend so she was fine with me staying with her as long as I needed to figure out a plan of attack and she has a house big enough to allow for that. It would not have been an option everywhere.


Thank you for sharing your experience @Mary-Kay we are so glad that it all worked out for everyone involved, we know how concerned you were about finding a solution to the events unfolding in front of you.

Leo is absolutely gorgeous enjoy London and your sit.


Thanks for the details of all that went on before and during your sit. What an adorable companion to keep company with during your solo sit :heart: As a couple also traveling through the ups and downs of this ongoing pandemic, it’s helpful to know there are resources behind the scenes.

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I couldn’t have asked for a better companion! Thanks to Leo, I don’t miss my husband very much at all. :grin: