Things To Do In Oregon When Pet & House Sitting

Are you up for a pet sitting trip that won’t just bring a new pet buddy into your life but will also let you explore some of the most beautiful natural areas the US has to offer? Then Oregon might be right up your sleeve!

With 11 national forests, 21 national wildlife refuges, 361 state parks, a national scenic area and a national grassland, Oregon is the place to be for any outdoor lover – and any doggo who loves to go on long walks. Which is pretty much every doggo, right? Read on and find out which of all the amazing areas above you should most definitely visit, and what to do in Oregon apart from hiking and enjoying nature’s beauty.


Thanks, Angela - I did my first Portland sit in March-April 2020 and had a great time just in the city. Weather was great, neighborhood - Hollywood - had lots of places to eat (almost all take-out at the time), good public transportation.
Will be going back for a long sit on northwest side of Portland in Nov-Dec - this one comes with use of a car so will explore a bit more.

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Oregon is an amazing state to visit. Couple of other sites worth visiting are

The Fruit Loop and Lavender Farms of Mt Hood

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