Hello from the Oregon Coast!

We are ready to share our home (and our dog) with people wanting an escape to the beautiful Oregon Coast and cute little Lincoln City.


Hello @MelindaW. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. I’m glad you jumped in and introduced yourself. You live in a beautiful part of the world, so I’m sure your listing will be a sitter favorite.

For those of you who don’t know, Lincoln City is

  • Home to the shortest river in the world
  • A great place to fly a kite
  • Also a great place to find glass floats on the beach

It’s a great little beach town.


Welcome MelindaW, you live in a beautiful location. Your pup is very lucky with all the gorgeous beaches to walk on.


Oh! I’d love to visit the Oregon coast. Cute puppy :dog:


Keep watching. We will be posting some dates this summer!

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She is! She has a great owner too! lol.

Hello @MelindaW :hugs:

Thank you for joining our forum, a community of friendly pet sitters and pet parents. I’m glad you found us.

You’ll soon find the forum is more than just a place to discuss pet sitting. Here are just a few things you can do on the forum:

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Thanks again for joining the conversation here on the forum. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your travels.

All the best


Yes, @MelindaW please add a link to your your profile so we can see your listing! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just did it. Hope it worked!

Hi @MelindaW. You had the preview version in your profile, which happens a lot, so I updated it to the version everyone else can view.

Oh, thank you!

Welcome!! I’m an Oregon native who lives in Medellin, Colombia most of the year. I return to Oregon from July through September. I housesat this past Summer, and would love to sit for you in Lincoln City next Summer. I’ll be looking for your dates when they get posted.

Thanks for reaching out! We will be posting some more dates in the next month or so. Do you have a permanent residency visa or still have to leave the country every so many months?

I’ll be looking your profile up soon.

I have done five house sits on the Oregon Coast. All in your area of the Coast. We have a semi regular one in Lincoln City. Looked after our favorite cat after dozens of pet sits through THS’s. Fortunately for us my brother liver in Depoe Bay. Like much of Oregon the Oregon Coast is quite special. We spend a great deal of time on our Olympic Coast. Depoe Bay has my two favorite restaurants on your Coast we were certainly be back again next year.

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It really is a lovely place. We are new to this site and hope to share our humble abode with others!